Nintendo DS & Wi-fi Connection

***Looking for people to play with over the internet and looking to trade friend codes? Here’s where to do it.

May the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection matchmaking & Nintendo Wi-fi Connection discussions begin!***

Send me a PM if you wish to trade friend codes and play online.

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This is a good idea, post in here for the matchmaking

is yoshi top tier because I swear everyone I play online picks him

Well there is no real tier’s in the game because when u beat Mirror mode you can use any Kart for any character. Although some characters add a “little boost to certain areas” Yoshi is the most used because hes very balanced and he actually is decent and all area (item, top speed, accell , ect) plus for people who dont want to take the time to beat the entire game. Yoshi has some of the best charts hands down. Bones is also very cmon because he recovers so fast from hits, and he isnt like toad so he wont get blown off the track lol.

Im not trying to take away from the person who started this thread but seriously u were a little late on making this thread. I think the reason people like myself and others put the DS threads in General Disscussion was to not take away from the awsomeness of fighting games.:karate: Although Ill put the links below to the threads where u can find your General Info, Matchmaking, and Friend Codes for certain Wifi enabled Games for the DS.

                            **General Nintendo DS/Wifi Discussion**

                          **Mario Kart DS Disscusion/Matchmaking **

                  **Animal Crossing: Wild World Discussion/Matchmaking**

                                   **Nintendo DS Cost/Offers**

Anyone play?

Anyone out there want to play any of the following DS games online via Nintendo Wi-fi connection? I play the following online:

1)Mario Kart DS

2)Animal Crossing: Wild World

3)Tony Hawk’s: American Sk8land

PM me to trade friend codes.


egg1 is top tier, high speed/acceleration/handling and low drift (good for snaking)

the dry bomber is good but it’s pretty slow compared to the egg.

Rob’s 1st car is pretty good as well.