Nintendo Franchise Revivals

I had thought with Super Smash Bros. Brawl that came out a while ago, that it was a sign that Nintendo were planning to do more things with their franchised characters. Sadly this hasn’t been the case since 08. The only characters they’ve continued with are the ones that they’ve been doing since before SSB’s release. Pokemon, Mario, Samus, Link, Zelda, and Wario. I’ve missed a good few of those characters games, particularly Earthbound, Ice Climbers, Game & Watch, Metroid, and Fire Emblem.

I would personally like to see new entries in the Donkey Kong series, (platformer, not music game) Kirby, Star Fox, F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, Yoshi, and maybe Ice Climber series.

Star Fox was last scene on the DS a few years ago and I’m not sure how long ago we had an F-Zero or Kirby game. Nintendo has a greatly varied franchise consisting of different genres to appeal to multiple gamers.

Star Fox(Uh???)
Metroid(FPS and Sidescrolling shooter)
Fire Emblem(Strategy-RPG)
The Legend of Zelda(Action-Adventure RPG)
Wario (Mini-Game thing???)

Well Earthbound is that dude Itois brainchild, nothing will happen with that series unless he wants to make something happen

having played earthbound 2 im kinda content they aren’t making a fourth, no. 2 had its charm no doubt but its not really a series that can stand the same rehashing of old concepts as other series can

why doesn’t the big N make a regular pokemon game that ISN’T only for gameboys??

If they haven’t done it by now, you can forget about it.

A lot of people seem to forget that** Pokemon Blue/Red came out during the SNES era.** That’s right, Pokemon predates Nintendo 64. Nintendo has has ample time (14 years and 3 consoles) to supply a full fledged Pokemon game for consoles but they’re asleep at the wheel.

It’s truly astounding that they’ve taken a shit on Kirby and Star Fox. Those two franchises have been gold mines for them and now they’re just thrown into games like Smash for nostalgia purposes.

I think there was a Pokemon game for gamecube where you could walk around and stuff, but it sucked. It was the one with all the shadow pokemon and shit

We need a new F-Zero asap. Nintendo… get it together

Edit: This is what I get for trying to pist while leaning over my stick.

I would say a Pokemon game for the Wii with online play would be good but for the Cube or 64 it would have been rather pointless over all. Much like fighters the idea of Pokemon is to battle others so a singple player Pokemon game sounds pretty damn boring. In fact Pokemon is ONLY fun when your fighting someone else. I remember getting Platinum and that shit pout me to sleep. Game hadn’t changed much at all since R&B.

A REAL star Fox game would be nice. Only in vehicles you know?

your post is all muffled. What’d ya say?

mario has like 650 million adventures a year. And he plays golf, tennis, races cars, traverses Bowsers, bowls, has battles, and so on and so on. I am pretty sure they could do a single player pokemon similar to the ones they have for gameboy, just with better graphics, and maybe add a decent multiplayer option for two players to play on one console, and it would have been a fun game.

Either way, gimme a great online pokemon/rpg, and I seriously would consider buying my first Nintendo system in over a decade

Considering how fucking backwards Nintendo is with online at times, I don’t see them doing that. Pokemon is basically their portable bread and butter. To have it appear fully on their main console would be to just shoot themselves in the head. Why mess with something that works? Why possibly alienate people when the formula is almost ingrained with portability? Going around in the Pokemon is akin to walking around discovering the world itself, not sitting on a couch at home. Pokedex is your gameboy, Pokeball is your gameboy, travelling from place to place, you gameboy can do. Hell if they were smart about it and the 3DS has wifi and GPS, imagine the possibility of increasing the % of a rare pokemon appearing if you were in an real life GPS coordinate?

I’m not saying it won’t work, but it’s just that it’s so easy to do it on their portable system, why bother? That’s what Monster Hunter is for. That’s what their other franchises are for. But that’s just me.


I just want Mother 3 to be in North America. Is that so much to ask?

The only main franchises that nintendo has on hiatus currently are F-Zero, Kid Icarus,Ice Climbers, Earthbound and Starfox. Fire Emblem actually came out with it’s remake for the DS not too long ago. Metroid has been getting plenty of love this generation (where were you when they showed Other M?). Game & Watch has had games released on DSi Ware. DK has had games on the Gamecube but the only one that was really platforming was Jungle Beat. Kirby has mostly been showing up on the DS but there’s been a game in development at Nintendo for the home console for the longest time…I don’t know what’s taking so long for it to come out but it was supposed to have come out during Gamecube’s time. The last kirby game was Kirby Super Star Ultra on the DS. F-Zero has been a bit over due for a game since GX and I don’t know what their excuse for not making it is. They could easily just get sega to do it again and put Mario Kart’s internet code in and bam…it prints money. The last any info was heard about Starfox Kamiya actually expressed interest that he’d want to do one ( I actually posted about it in the Wii thread). Nintendo would have to be completely fuckin nuts not to jump on that…so they probably won’t. Ice Climbers haven’t had a game since NES…I honestly don’t know if they’ll ever actually revisit the franchise but they could easily release a Wii Ware title. I don’t know what the hell is going on with the Earthbound series. US only got 1 game out of the 3 that have come out but somehow it continues to retain it’s popularity and Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to cater to that crowd…might be too niche? Kid Icarus has been rumored to be in development for years now.

I’m actually wondering about the state of Custom Robo. I don’t think the DS game sold that well over here sadly so they might make it a japan only game again which would suck.

I wouldn’t be too concerned though. I think we’ll see more revivals of franches in the coming years if the retro revival that’s been going on is any indication. Nintendo has a few houses working on projects that nobody is saying anything about. Sakurai and his studio are working on something, Retro has been working on some project after Prime 3 and Next Level games hasn’t said anything about what they’ve been up too since Punch-Out!! came out last year.

They have and it was called Pokemon Revolutions for the Wii. And it sucked.

New F-Zero and Starfox games would be pretty awesome. And coming from someone who’s favorite game of all time is Donkey Kong Country 2, sadly I’ve had little faith in the DK series after the SNES era (I didn’t care for DK64).

Because everytime they do the sales suck and have been met with heavy criticism… So they keep the core games on the handhelds. I’d rather play them on a handheld anyways.

F-Zero GX was actually made by Sega more or less. That’s why they haven’t made a new one because they know they fail hard and can’t hope to match its godliness.

And Earthbound/Custom Robo both suck. Just because something is Japan exclusive doesn’t mean its good. Not to mention Custom Robo’s premise would have been 10x cooler if they were actually big mechs instead of children’s playthings. Nintendo fails again.

F-Zero GX was so good. I hope WHEN they make another one it’s hard as hell too

Too bad Earthbounds fanbase has nothing to do with it being a japan exclusive.

I can’t say anything for Earthbound since I’ve played only a tiny bit of that games on the SNES and I couldn’t get into it. I felt it just wasn’t my game. Custom Robo was fun to me on the GC and had some good potential. I could see that game getting much better over time with online but they’ve only made one with wifi on the DS.

Do you play Fire Emblem at all Tech?

while it’s true that pokemon was released a few months before the n64 was released, it really wasn’t that far off, and obviously the game didn’t come out in the US until over 2 years later and by that time n64 had already been well established in the US. And by that time I was already well versed in stupid ass pokemon because during that mean time I was in Japan and I couldn’t turn without running into a pokemon game, show, or card. I was even watching during that episode that sent all those kids to the hospital but I was using the bathroom during that moment so I somehow prevented what could have been a mishap haha

But anyway, I would love to see a new f-zero game but I feel at this point they are waiting for a new console to bring back one of their old franchises. Perhaps the next handheld system. F-zero 3d or something.

Oh and as far as I’m concerned if metroid doesn’t go back to 2d the series is dead to me. I can’t stand the bastardization that is the prime series. They kept up their 2d style games on the GBA but that’s ancient history at this point. It’s sad to see a series that I loved growing up turned into something completely different. Same with Zelda but that’s another story.

You want it to go back to completely 2d? Other M is like a mixture of both.