Nintendo Galore! If You Want A DS Hit This Up!

Whats up guys? I’m currently trying to sell a couple of things of the Nintendo sort (and one PS and PS2 game) and wondering you guys are interested. Here’s what I’m selling:

Nintendo DS system (1st Gen), Blue $70

  • Its in good condition; has a few dents on it from staying in my cargo pocket alot but the screen is still in tact no scratches on there! Comes with instruction booklet, stylus and charger as well. Has served me well!:china:

Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA/DS) $10

  • In great condition, but no original case. Comes with the instruction booklet as well.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA/DS) $10

  • Just like the game above, in great condition, no case, comes with instruction booklet.

Final Fight One (GBA/DS) $5

  • Same as above, except no instruction booklet (Its Final FIght! Why would you need one!? lol)

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX (GBC/GBA/DS) $8

  • Good condition, still works, no instruction booklet

Meteos (DS) $15

  • Game in great condition, comes with case and instruction booklet!

Mechassault: Phantom War (DS) $5

  • Game in good condtion, no instruction booklet but comes with case

Beatmania (PS2) $10

  • DJ spinning game (you can play it without the special controller but its hard as hell to do so), great condition. No case but comes with instruction booklet

Front Mission 3 (PS1/PS2) $30

  • Extremely rare strategy/RPG game from Squaresoft (well, when they were Squaresoft anyway). Games works well, no case or instruction booklet (I’m sure you can look up some strats on GameFAQs though!)

So hit me up if you are interested! PM me folks!