Nintendo Steals Money from Children


Nintendo to profit from user videos posted to YouTube

Wow this is a really slimy move from Nintendo!

It feels strange to say this but Activision and EA are smart enough to not do this. I would be shocked if any 1st or 3rd party developers follow Nintendo’s example, but I expect music/movie/news organisations to.


Not as slimy as contentID’ing bird song.

LPers are already crossing a line for violating that “for private home use” clause found in most of their games, they should be grateful for the contentID matches and not a full copyright strike like a certain “does what nintendon’t” company does.

There’s also that ‘so i cant make money’ argument…what, people do LPs for personal gain through ad revenue? Is this even about playing again? No wonder Nintendo’s taking action. This isn’t exclusively about Nintendo but for any company whose property is exploited without authorization for personal monetary gain - in this case, these LPers that blindly accept the random “monetize this video” offers from Youtube in particular. Thanks a lot for making companies notice and take action.


This is the end my friend.


That’s probably going to backfire on them…I see what they’re saying by stating ‘instead of just outright blocking the video we’re going to let it stay up and make money off of the advertisments’ but if people who did their let’s plays are no longer going to be making any money off of them through youtube partner agreements then that means less free publicity for their games and more focus on their competition’s.

This thing with youtube is fucking dumb as hell though…I was trying to find the intro videos for the kingdom hearts games the other day and nearly every one of those videos got hit with some type of copyright bs where they stripped the video of it’s audio. It really shouldn’t be that serious.


Fuck Nintendo.


Welcome to the party Nintendo, we have been waiting. We saved you a seat next to Micro$oft and Crapcom.


So people are mad that they can’t make money off playing games?

My heart goes out to those poor, poor neckbeards and their obnoxious, chortling friends.


im torn between my dislike of greedy companies and dislike of LPing in general


How does this affect AVGN, or does he already have some legal contract set up since he’s so popular and has his own website?


its true lmao.

oh man…
c’mon fuck youtube.
just make killer games

they’re really keep fuckin with their fans that support them hah.


You guys do realize that this is more of an issue Youtube created rather than Nintendo being greedy, right? (which they totally are being greedy–welcome to Business 101)
Sega has been going around shutting down every video they can find on Youtube with flags, such as removing any and all Shining Force vids and now they’re even flagging Bayonetta gameplay videos.(One of my favorite Bayo players had a ton of his vids taken down recently) Mainly because Sega is a bunch of morons, but also because Youtube was profiting off of user vids featuring their IPs.

Fact is, if Youtube wasn’t being as greedy and grimy as they are with trying to profit off of user-generated content, and said users weren’t Maxamillion-ing it up by trying to turn filming themselves playing badly at video games into a job, this wouldn’t be a thing.

But, yeah, fuck Nintendo… Go Sony/Microsoft/EA/SquareEnix/Capcom!!


watch out guys advertisements on videos oh no


Nintendo’s been money-grubbing for years and years.


meh too many let’s play videos on youtube anyway, and many of them aren’t that funny or entertaining.
people are just looking for excuses to jump on the nintendo hate bandwagon nowadays.


I’m sorry but why is this a bad thing? Why should people be able to make money from something they don’t legally own? And doesn’t everyone and their mothers use ad blocker anyway?

It’s not like they’re taking the videos down.


Is it just youtube getting fisted by big companies or are other video sites(vimeo, don’t know any others) getting the corporate shaft as well?


Yeah seriously this isn’t a big deal. Also as long as the Nintendo haters are coming out of the woodwork I want to go record and say Nintendo can send a PMC to commit genocide on half the world for all I care as long as they continue to show 3DS owners love.


whatever you hipsters.
nintendo today is wack as fcuk.

they don’t listen to their fans. and they never will.
continue to keep giving them all your money lmao

you think its cool to try to steal more money from the fans that forever support them.
doesn’t sound like fucking good business to me.
they already stole everyone’s money with their Wii and WiiU. ahhahah


I thought that youtube partners make money from youtube by the amount of views and subscribers to their channel. This seems to imply that instead that when Nintendo makes an ID content tag on your video they claim the revenue made for it. The only thing this really effects are the people who try to make money off of posting up Let’s plays on youtube and nothing else, so it’s only ‘bad’ for them. People can still use other streaming services and what not to get around that if they so desire. The negatives for Nintendo will be less exposure on youtube because of it.


At least the vids aren’t being taken down.

How much money were these LPers making, anyway? Personally, I don’t watch many LPs except for Giant Bomb’s (their Persona 4 and Deadly Premonition QLs are godlike).