Nintendo V.S. Capcom AV request

Hey, in honor of my new thread,(and i also thought it would be quite funny),“Should nintendo buy capcom?”, i want a new av. I will probably only use this av for a short time than return to my current one,(which i love), but i still want it. I would like a avatar that says C’mon, think about it… on a blank screen in plain text first. Then after like 2 secs, show another screen that says Nintendo V.S. Capcom in a cool, epic font, after 2 secs, forward to next screen. Then have a sprite of ssbm style mario throwing a fireball and viewtiful joe getting hit by it. I dont think it would be that hard, could plz make it for me plz? I would be very grateful.
P.S. I dont want it animated, just 3 different still screens in the above mentioned style.
And also make it as large as possible for premium.

C’mon, someone plz!
Pos rep guaranteed, anyone, just plz.