Nioh - Nioh 2 out now!

Surprised that there is no thread about this game…

The game is out now!

I’m really gonna try and get those marks this weekend, but holy shit did the first Beta whoop my ass something fierce.

I’ll probably put 500 hours in this game

This game looks hype AF. I need something to fill my Dark Souls itch.

I was tempted but TBH I find half the fun of the Souls games are building and developing my characters so being stuck as Sam there isn’t really doing it for me atm.

Well that and when I tried the demo I ended up futility running around with a broken sword that did fuck all damage because I had nothing else to use and no way to repair it.

I’ll try the trial again to see if I can get into it but dunno.


Weapon degradation got removed after the first beta.

I want to play this game so much, but my brother is always on the PS4, and I have to do work and school full time now.


Dark Souls has character creation, playable female characters, multitude of classes, among other things. Dark Souls this is not.

Melee, caster and ranged.

All things you can do in Nioh to some degree.

Play the game. The menus, the type of combat (not the systems themselves), the way you use, equip, and select items, weapons and armor, the stats and even how they are organized on the stay screen, the soul-like currency called amrita, the co-op multiplayer in which you join another player in their world, etc. etc. etc.

They aren’t the same and Nioh has A LOT going for it that’s unique, but it IS a lot like Dark Souls and they themselves have started it’s influence, which isn’t even necessary because the heavy influence is extremely obvious

Also, Dark Souls doesn’t have classes, it has builds, which guess what, this game has too. You can do STR, SKL, Magic, DEX(which is ninjutsu in this game), heck because of how scaling weapons work you can probably even HP/KI/STM gouge builds

Game is very much like Souls…like at least 50%.

Dark souls has classes in name only since they don’t really give you anything unique. A dark souls with classes that have real class features would be so baller.

Game is tits. I got to the Tengu and got stomped a few times but I eventually got him. Most fun fight I’ve had so far. Games very fun.

Except the part where youre forced to fight the lesser enemies which is going to make this game shit for speed running.

Also the enemies are gank happy and they can run just as fast at the main character, its going to be a lot of nasty frustrating stunlocked moments.

I enjoyed the demo, but game still feels busted even on regular difficulty, not hard just kinda busted. Regular enemies in the demo are so overwhelming I dunno what their thought process is on that if you dont have the tools to do crowd control.

So what if it’s shit for speed running, that’s not the intended way to play most games. And if you’re not having fun fighting the regular enemies your either still learning how to play or the game just isn’t for you. Heck, this is ANOTHER aspect that is very Dark Souls, that even mob enemies are lethal

Most enemy encounters let you kite one enemy at a time

You absolutely have the tools for crowd control with every weapon. That’s what all the stances are for. And of course, some weapons do it better than others, but they all have ways of either hitting multiple targets or hit and run. It’s true you can’t be as aggressive with multiple targets around but it’s totally manageable once you get a hang of the systems

Man I don’t give a shit about speed running. Very few games are fun to speed run, most of the time it’s boring as shit.


This cracker wannabe so angry that games have females the like that he will never touch irl…damn son, take it easy!!!

It’s just a game. I heard in gta you can kill hookers and not go to jail if that makes you happy?!

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what are you on about? Are you mad that it doesn’t have furry playable characters too?

ah the Edo Period takes place after all of this shit goes down so this title doesn’t make much sense.

you can avoid most enemies using the ninjustu skills. stop trying to run past everyone and try sneaking.