Nitro Royale: Heroines Duel

So, here we go again with a new 2D fighting for PC… but this time, isnt really a Doujin game, its a fully commercial title called Nitro Royale: Heroines Duel.

About two months ago, i read in Akibablog (beware, not truly worksafe) that Nitroplus, a company who mades Eroge titles confirms that they will release a fighting game with an all-star girls from his games, the Staff from Nitroplus says that “their are hardcore fans of 2D fighting games, specially Third Strike” (as you can see in the Akibablog LOLtastic pictures) so you got it… a new bishoujo fighter on the way.

And this is the day! their release some minutes ago the official website of the game, with a really stupid intro with some parody of Super Street Fighter II…

Considering that Nitroplus is not a Doujin circle and their got some money for make a decent game, i dont know what we can see here, but i will keep an eye on it, this year is at least at this point really awesome in the 2D fighting scene for PC (Akatsuki Blitzkampf, BigBang Beat, Melty Blood Act-Cadenza Version B, Monster, the sequel of Inmaterial and Missing Power) so i keep the faith for more good games!

The game will be show in the Comiket, in other words, tomorrow.

looks kinda cool
and new 2d fighters are always a plus

I call dibs on the chick with the pink hair.

If this works under WINE, then jesus my computer is gonna be so much fire.


I call Cthulhu right now.

Knowing MB and BBB…this one might be good.

Surprise!! A moe/loli/girlie 2D fighting game.

I really wish a new trend would hit Japan. One that involves people over the age of 8, and hopefully both genders.

Still, I’m not going to hate it for existing, since we need the games for the community. I’m just so tired of the lack of new material style-wise out of Japan these days. They get stuck in ruts based on fashion fads, and this one has lasted way too long.

I already bought Akatsuki, BBB as well. That doesn’t change the fact that too many OTHER new fighters (and games in general) out of Japan are moe/loli these days.

Definitely looks interesting.

Is it just me or does Mora’s (the blond one with the huge hammer) VA sound like Ciel?

hey theres a dude in there

Well, Japan is the one the pumps out h-games and eroge like no tomorrow. So, I don’t understand why any of this should be shocking. People often complain about the current trend, but there are plenty of old games to play. In any case, Sengoku Basara Cross has all guys and one girl that’s not loli or moe.

Yeah but the character portrait is a woman… ?

The whole point is that it isn’t shocking. Japan is a trend-heavy culture. I just said I wish the current trend wasn’t little girl fighting games. I would probably be really psyched about Arcana Heart, if I could get past the hilariously cheesy character design. And yes, Sengoku Basara looks very interesting. The IP is Capcom’s and they don’t suffer from the trendiness nearly as much as most companies.

It seems to be a guy who’s controlled by a little girl… of sorts. The portrait seems to be her sitting on his shoulders, and the voice test for “him” sounds like a girl. Not sure what’s going on there, but it’s funny.

i hope the system doesnt consist of gatlings and air dash

From what I understand, the guy is Ruili’s older brother. Indeed she does control his limbs and utilizes the size of his body. He fights to protect her.

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

I see this idea as interesting. If there’s even 1 character I find interesting, I can usually enjoy a game. If this character is as weird as it sounds, I might just find a way to get past the other characters.

After listening ot her voice clips, I noticed she said something about being a sorceress.

where do I sign up?

She definitely did mention “mahou” (magic), I think it’s something about being able to live without magic.