Nittsuma, is he trying to make MvC3 FAIL?

Due to the new direction of MVC 3, I wondered what the goal of this game was. (is this actually a sequel to MVC 2) and answer is no. And here is why

For a game to be sequel, the core of the game must be intact. The absences of Punch and Kick commands severely limits players to very few combos when compared to MVC2, not to mention the lack of control players had before. When making a sequel to a fighting game, it?s not a good idea to change everything that made it good. This is not MVC it?s a new entity entirely: Think of this as the first ?Capcom vs. Marvel?, or CVM. Then MVC 4 would really be CVM 2.

Niitsuma refuses to listen to anyone who wants to make this game better, he thinks his ideas are superior and that he knows what we want more than we do, and that his vision of MVC is better than the original.

You know, it?s this same way of thinking that brought us ?Legend of Chun-Li?, ?Resident Evil: Extinction?, and coming in theaters ?Resident Evil: Afterlife?. Those films were the result of people getting too creative with something that was already made.

Despite all this, I still think it?s going to be a descent game, the graphics are amazing. And the combos look enticing. I just wish it could be MVC.


Ill you got your Capcom Unity in my SRK

Pretty much.

The_Philosopher, is he trying to make threads that will be closed?

If he is, dude’s a pro.

There is no reason for this thread to be closed.

I did a bit of research, and my findings are that this site carries more influential weight than Capcom-Unity.

Plus, I was told that the users here are mature enough to handle such a conversation.

There’s actually PLENTY of reason for this thread to be closed. All you do in this thread is blog about how you think Nitsuma ruined MvC3 and that it’s not Marvel.

Two things, one, THIS ISN’T A BLOG. Two, there’s this thread called the I Love/Hate MvC3 thread, if you hate it and want to say why, I hear that’s a good place to say it, instead of wasting thread space with this crap.

I can handle any convo, but not when it’s a waste to begin with. If you’re not even smart or mature enough to actually look for the right thread for this, then I have no reason to waste my time actually appeasing you.

Its the unity invasion.

Hd th chldrn

mvc2 was more than having an extra punch and an extra kick, A LOT MORE, so go take your control scheme rant somewhere else looooooser

End of story and close this.

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hide your kids hide your wife

Thing is…your rant has been done to death here.
Accept that this is NOT MvC2…not TvC…this is MvC3.
Then move on.

Have you actually played the game yet?
I doubt you have…
Have I played the game…ys I have.

And I’ll say it…the core is there.

You can’t read.
I never said hate, I don’t hate the game.
I care about how it develops, I want it to be successful.

That’s why I trying to help it, by saying what it needs, what it should be like.
Is it so wrong to want MvC3 to be even better than it is now.

No, Sait and Geese are right. Your suggestions (Rant) are pretty much fruitless here, anyway.

How about PM’ing Seth Killian about it instead? You certainly aren’t going to change the game, but you might as well try something more effective than creating a thread with “FAIL” in it.

When you’re wasting your time, yeah, pretty much.

Imageshack - mvc3currentcontrols.jpg

These are not the controls for a technical fighter, this is the layout of Beat’em-up game, or a side scrolling Platformer.

Here’s the thing…you are not a game developer.
You are not a game director
You are not even a fucking tester.
Who are YOU to say that Niitsuma is doing a bad job?

How do you know that MvC3 will fail…when numerous top MvC2 players who tried it say the opposite?

Aight. Now you just sound stupid, dude. Because it doesn’t have LP/HP or LK/HK it resembles the controls of a Beat’em up game? Um, yeah.

This is not a rant, it’s Constructive Criticism.

Were is Seth’s pm.