NJ 3s Tournament 7-5-07

These are the FULL RESULTS!

1st. KO Fiend
2nd. Therapist
3rd. Marlin Pie
4th. F1are
5th. Sergio
5th. Wonsang
7th. Henaki
7th. Frantastic
9th. Tim
9th. Comeback
9th. Aremsi
9th. Mr. Quotes
13th. Podega
13th. Coopz
13th. Mike
13th. Mr. Ryu
17th. Fried

Well Thanx for an awesome tourney GG’s to all.

Thank you Mr. Quotes for Basically running the Tourney all by yourself.
Thank you Ross for the tourney at your place it was awesome.
Thanx Sergio for the Ride over.
Thank you everyone for coming out to this it was alot of fun.
Thanx for the Fierce Comp.:lovin:

Nice meeting some of you

Well this was awesome hope to see u all soon.

Take care everyone.


good games everyone! lots of fun casuals.

edit: where is f1are?

ggs everyone

PS- running tourny = performance sacrifice. thankless ass job. i won t do it, shieeet. sorry, i won t.

if i were any of you guys, i d play quotes as much as i can. example? when i lived in jersey, maybe with 5 other people but i played most often against josh. now, i only get to play the guy once or twice every 2 weeks. you guys got a good resource right under your noses and you don t even relize it. josh still has a better win ratio than me, but he still gets bitch slapped by me in marvel so its ok, rocket punch your ass all over the screen.

i like how shaun didn t use THE DAMN THING WE BROUGHT, nice.
josh- i m telling you right now, let somebody else run that shit. never listens. nobody ever fuckin listens. whatever, nice.

the both of you got your share of nagging from me, get some rest.

You’re lucky the cyborg cop didn’t show up to bust all your asses!

And wtf is marlinpie doing with 3s? Did you guys find some way to hack eddie into it?

he just started randomly playing the game with me and sergio, and we drag him to tournaments now!

and i wish cyborg cop came i need more dudley practice.

also i’ll take your advice to heart as well kofiend!

This was very much fun, because so many awesome people came out. I didn’t expect so many of you guys to show up. Thanks for hosting it and it was nice gaming with everybody.

c’mon Quotes you’re making me look bad!

no no, i forgot, i get 70%

so 285, 20% is 57, 10% is 28.50, so total 285 minus 85.50. so i m basically missing 20 bucks

EDIT- ahhh 4 were in the 200. whatever, i m gonna eat

oh, there were 4 guys that were paid by the 200 bonus, by the way. it was checked out with the guy who put it in (aremsi right? dont know his nick), it was like a 180 dollar pot bonus, in reality. take that as you will. it was a 265 pot in total, you got 180 something right? that should be about right.

We counted all the money. The pot was $255 in total.

255 x 0.70 = $178.50, so we gave you $180.

That’s what occurred.

Thanks for coming through everybody.

edit: after I finished cleaning the house, still couldn’t find the bracket paper we hung up. I’m sure Mr. Quotes snagged that shit to post.

idea: let’s take more pictures, videos, and focus on the championship more, amen.

I was the one who took the Bracket Paper lol.

yup sounds like a good idea.

Marlin pieeeeeee

Hit this up on a weekend next time, and I’ll be through to bring you folks my personal brand of pink Q justice. Good shit though, from what I heard it was off the heezy.

marlin pie should play more 3s

I played a few casuals with Marlin Pie [drunk] in Guilty Gear… he was horrible, he should just stop playing and find a new game, like checkers online.

yo next time we should get more games besides 3s too. like cvs2, gg, n st :slight_smile: marvel should be thrown in their too that game is fun… great tourny though marlin pie thanks for the tips in gg… flair thanks for the st matches :slight_smile: was fun