NJ and NY, interested in a tournament in Jersey City, NJ?


Hello fellow NJ and NY FGC locals, I go by the gamer name The Pope and I am considering starting up bi-weekly or monthly sessions in Jersey City, NJ. I pretty much want to see if there’s any interest for it because I would really love to do this. My friends and I would be completely paying for this out of pocket to provide the area an event so that, we as a region, could level up one another.

Here’s my vision

  • Build up the community of Northern NJ and NYC
  • Provide people that may not be able to go to 8 on the Break, Next Level, or House of Chaos an area to play and develop their skills
  • Provide a lower cost event for people who may not have a large amount of income
  • Hopefully attract more prominent FGC members to regularly go to this event

Here’s my resources as of now

  • 5 XBOX 360’s (trying to acquire more)
  • 3 PS3’s
  • 2 Wii U’s
  • 4 Asus monitors (trying to acquire 2 more)
  • Many copies of UMVC3
  • Some copies of USFIV (trying to acquire more)
  • Various other games from KoF13, Injustice, and SSBM
  • Possible streaming equipment

I know my friends and I together don’t have much, but it’s enough to start and hopefully it’ll end up growing more. Also, by all means, anyone could contribute by providing consoles, monitors, games, or money for renting a spot and it will be greatly appreciated. I am currently looking at possible venues within Jersey City near train and bus stations for easy access.

To anyone that is interested, please post your thoughts. You could also drop me an e-mail, which I will provide at this end of this post. Remember guys, I’m very new to this but this has always been a dream of mine for as long as I remember. Any advice would be so great. I hope I can get this started and I look forward to building this community.



Ultimately, I want to start out with 2 set ups for 3 games. I know I want to have USF4 and UMVC3 but I’m not sure for the 3rd. If you guys have any suggestions, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate. I was thinking of either Injustice, BBCP, or SSBM. If all else, we could just have 3 set ups for UMVC3 and USF4.


We have a big group on Facebook and we mostly all reside in Northern Jersey.

I’m extremely close to Jersey City (Just the lightrail away).