NJ Feb 28th Street Fighter PS3 Event - Help Wanted

Gamers we are trying to start a Street Fighter community. We have had great success with Madden, HALO, Gears and Smash.

Please check out our site www.njhalo.com

Street Fighter now starting at 12 noon.

This tournament will be played on the PS3 version of the game*

Double Elimination tournament

Best 2 out of 3 matches until the Grand Final when it will be Best 3 of 5.* 2 rounds to win,

99 second timer.

Default character roster will be used Players will be allowed to bring and use their arcade joysticks from home (such as the Street Fighter IV FightSticks being sold at Gamestop).* Autofire, preset button combinations, etc MUST remain off at all times.**

In the event of a game update that is made available prior to the tournament, we will make every effort to obtain it, but in some cases we may not be able to update it in time and we will use the version that shipped with the game.*



Feb 28th is a bad date, theres a Philly tournament the same day.

That’s the 21st.

What kind of help are you looking for?

Helping run the event, promote etc.

You can email me if you are interested


We have a significant amount of flyers out at GameStops in the area and we are geared up for this. $10 entry, you cant go wrong there.


Yes you can go wrong. They take 70% from the pot, and their events are always run poorly.

The last time, they had smash run single elimination, and halo was 80dollar entry and only 5 teams showed up.

CoD4 they ran on alaggy server, and when my friend complained about it, they kicked ihm out.

Avoid King of the Couch at ALL costs.

Thanks for the kind words.

We already have over 200 (overall) pre registers for the event, so most people don’t share your view.

Check out our gallery, the track record speaks for itself.


It’s a lie. Even at the HEIGHT of KotC, they topped out at 32 teams for Halo2, 3v3, and 25 entrants for Melee.

The last time I attended, fuckface NJmaddenballer came up to me and my partner DURING A MATCH and started complaining to us and our opponents about how if Brawl is going to continue, we need to pay more than 15$ per person, because he’s not making enough money. Saying over and over “It’s a business”

I paused the game, and told him, promptly, to go fuck himself.

He DQ’d me for being disrespectful, even though he interrupted our match over and over, and then refused me a refund.

I still got it.

I can have a ton of people tell you guys how shitty this guy, and his tournaments are. He rents out cheap venues, and then takes 70-80 percent.

90$ halo2 entry. 32 teams. 2870. Then they give 1000$ for first place.

They also charged a house fee of 5 per person to get in.

SO! (32x3)5=96x5=480.

1870+480= 2350.

He makes 2350 just on the Halo tournament. He also rapes the pots for Madden and Smash, when we had it.

Brawl had I think 39 when I went. 15 per person. No second prize, and first place got “a prize package worth 150”

50 gamestop credit, a hoodie, some stickers and a fucking tote bag.

Not to mention the CoD4 tournament was unplayable, and you still refused refunds when people lagged out of matches on your servers.

Please leave this place. And take your thievery with you.

I also found a few violations in your post and I have forwarded them to the mods.

Tell the mods, while I inform the people, you thief.

Thanks for the nice talk.

We are working hard to make this event a positive experience.


Dude, you wanna talk about being a thief then tell everyone how you rigged several of your own Brawl tournies so that you basically had a straight bypass to semifinals. Tell everyone how you dip into your tournament pot for some extra cash for youself (we don’t dip into the pot, we state on the website what we take, what do you think we run a nonprofit daycare center?!) Oh, and tell everyone how you came to OUR tournament and started to demand we pay more money and bend over backwards for you just because it was you, the great DMBrandon.

Seriously, just stop. We never did anything to you, you show up at 1 tournament and make outrageous accusations and demands. Then when we don’t give in, you throw a tantrum and start insulting my coworkers (yes workers, we WORK, not play) and their families. So we boot you out and you come to this forum (prolly b/c no one in the smash community likes/respects you), literally right after this post, JUST to rag on our tournaments. Wow, way to go, you really got us. applause Listen, stop being a crybaby and holding a grudge and get over it. you don’t own video games, you don’t own this forum (or any other despite what you may think) and you don’t own the internet.

On topic, I will be at this event running the Gears of War 2 tournaments for the 360. I was a rather huge SF2 fan and I just got IV the other day and it’s pretty amazing. If any of you guys can show me a thing or 2 I’d appreciate it.

Hope to see some talented (and respectful) players at this. Good luck all, see you in 2 weeks.

First off, I have NEVER rigged a bracket in my entire life, and ANY smasher would attest to that on a bible. Damn. The last time I did a bracket, I put myself against Ally/Holy first round.

Second, you said you were sorry for the bullshit, Joe, about 20 times. Don’t try it.

Third, I’ve never stolen form a pot. Unless you mean asking M2K to split when we were in grand finals, and he agreed?

You’re such a good TO, why do you waste your time with this. And I never demanded mere money. I DEMANDED you guys pay out what you said you would. Over 32 should have been more, and it wasn’t.

And workers or not, that guy is a thief, and you know it.

You are scum and after hearing it from the people over at the community I BELIEVE IT. You are known as a bracket fixer, a loud mouth** (people are tired of it, REAL, REAL , REAL TIRED OF IT**), the most hated Smasher in the country a thief. I did not realize why SO MANY PEOPLE hate your guts and are sick your lying and complaining, cheating and stealing.

To address the “lagging issue” **with COD there were CHEATERS that were purposely "EXITING " the game by pressing the the xbox live button on their controller. **Once they were found out, they were disqualified and things went 100% smooth. YOU FAILED TO MENTION THIS.


Below are links to the event that you lied about.



**People hate you son **I thought my dealings with you were isolated but I realize it was not. Dudes are simply not going to take your shit any more and some are ready to prove that to you if there is to be another tantrum.

We wish to have a positive event, don’t come here to spew your POISON to this forum. This thread right here is an example of your lying and devious ways. You are a miserable, loud mouthed elf-like figure that believes the world spins for you. The sky is too blue for you, water is too wet for you, snow is too white for you, that’s your rep son (along with fixing brackets in your favor, and stealing entry money) and people have TOLERATED YOU but that’s now officially over more and more people are going to let you know that…TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.. Simply leave people alone, **no one **wants to deal with you in any productive manner.

I am done with this negative energy that you bring every where you go.

We (and every one else) want you to leave us alone as we move forward in an attempt to enjoy gaming.

I said I was sorry b/c I didn’t want to make a scene. I was trying to calm the situation. I knew you were wrong and what you were saying was wrong, but I tried to be neutral to keep things calm.

Seriously dude just stop. There’s no reason to do what you do. We don’t cheat people, we don’t steal, we run VIDEO GAME TOURNAMENTS. Keep in mind we DO have bills to pay. People claim the website says a lot of things. Those NY smashers kept trying to convince me the website said $1000 guarenteed when it didn’t. Last tournament, dudes try to convince me they won an extra 2 rounds so they could host when EVERYONE there saw the match (including myself). Bottom line is, some people will say/do anything to get money and extort others. We don’t extort anyone, we say EXACTLY what we will do and we follow it. It was an amatuer tournament for charity, which was stated specifically on the website. If you expect more out of it then you should simply not attend.

If you wanna start a fight then come to my house and we will settle it face to face. Otherwise, stick to your business and we will stick to ours. Stop spreading lies and rumors just for your own gain. There have been 100’s of players than have attended our events, some pros some casual, that can all atest we are fair and do what we say we will do. Granted, there are some players who are unhappy with our methods, but I have learned that you can’t make everyone happy all the time. There will always be a few bad eggs that can ruin the **FUN **and **COMPETITION **for everyone else.

EDIT: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=157250

That’s the post I made at SWF. Where does it say we were going to pay cash for anything except the Retro event?? There was the advanced event which WOULD have been cash prizes, except no one signed up for those for any game (and those very few that did, we refunded the difference and put them in the normal tournaments).

BTW You even ask us yourself about the rules and prizes and we EXPLAIN it all to you. Not to mentiond, you state yourself you wouldn’t go b/c items were on, yet you still show up anyway. Gee I wonder why, maybe to start trouble?

Oh yea, and it was double elim, not single like you explicitly stated.

Get your facts straight before you start making up stuff, then you won’t look like such a liar.

WOW I have not seen that in nearly a year. But it shows that the DUDE IS A GOTDAMN LIAR.

The looser even posted on the thread talking about the prize pack. MLG was the same day. YOU KNEW THE DEAL, YOU KNEW **THAT THIS WAS A MILITARY SUPPORT EVENT **and you came on here and YOU LIED. I guess you figured the original ad was deleted huh? It contradicts EVERY THING YOU SAID HERE.

The only players we had was for the $15 / $10 IF YOU DONATED FOOD. THERE WAS NO CASH PRIZE EVENT. I** see that you are banned from the Smash Boards and now have come here to spread venom. **

You are now some type of CRAZED STALKER who has delusions and is trolling me from forum to forum. Dudes like this do not belong in the community and I hope you are banned. If you take up Joes invite to his house I would surely want a FRONT ROW SEAT !

On topic, we are still looking for talented SRK members to help us out with the SFIV event. I quite honestly know very little about standard rules for a game like this, and any help will be appreciated. At the very least, I will buy you lunch. LOL

Rules, etc should be up tommorrow.

All I see is anger, nobody addressed the points I made.

Make wild accusations at me all you want, guys, it doesn’t make numbers go away.

Oh, and I got banned from smashboards cause I threatened a mod. I’m loved there, don’t worry your heads on my affairs. I’m not the one trying to run this event.

All you’re doing is making yourself seem like an idiot.

Joe, aside, I understand why you’re back him up, but you know you could be above this. Shit, this guy doesn’t even run his brackets in an organizer. He rigs it makes it by hand, and forces you to make it yourself as well. And what’s with this fighting nonsense? Taking out of the game? I thought you, of all people were above that. Seriously. I have, and will never have, beef with you.

Say what you want, man. You’re the reason a lot of people got started, and I really wish you’d come back to the real community, and play the game with us. You’re a respected member, and TO, and I would love to see your name get the pros it deserves, instead of the smearing it’s getting from KotC.

You could really be of use to the smash community, Joe. (For those wondering, that’s Suicide Fox) You could help make the ECRC one of the biggest events in the world. You’re known by so many people, but as long as you keep the KotC name with you, you’re going to have lousy turnouts, and unhappy players.

God forbid someone have the balls to speak up, right Ron? It’s easy taking money from the people who just wanna have fun. Fuck that. I can have fun at my house. I expect compensation for winning tournaments. Prize pack? It wasn’t worth 150 like it was promised. maybe 85$. That’s why I started shit. If I were to resell everything in that prize pack, I’d probably get 50$ and a dirty look. That’s bullshit and you know it, and how DARE you try to claim it was a charity when you took home home about a thousand?

Halo players, CoD players, MAdden. They won’t say anything. They gte MAYBE 1, and on super rare occasions 2 tournaments a month. they don’t care you take from the pot. Smash? We have 2-3 a WEEK. We don’t need that bullshit.

And it was never listed as charity, don’t fool yourself.

The numbers I listed were for a melee/halo2 event, if you read. Perhaps I also state that we won a second round, and you overturned it because it wasn’t fair. We did a Zanzibar match and it didn’t count cause it was SMG start, even though I had your rules in front of me showing it said default. I accepted it, and moved on.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Stop the hate, man. You can get on my shit alllll you want. I’m not throwing mud, man. I’m just watching it rain. You’re the one with dirty hands.

And yeah, I didn’t wanna go. I went to MLG that day, and this was around the corner. My friends wanted to play Cod4, so I figured I’d enter Brawl.

People in KOTC RUN THEIR OWN events. I have little to nothing to do with the individual tournaments. So YOU WERE TAKING SHOTS A JOE a man that has done his thing since 2004 with KOTC.

Joe CAN’T STAND YOU and he speaks for 99% of the community. You are a LIAR YOU ARE A THIEF and YOU HAVE FIXED BRACKETS and STOLEN MONEY. ** Y**I heard that you tried to start a riot at a tournament knowing that the organizer was under time constraints and issues with the venue. ** That story is spreading like WILD FIRE…THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE YOU MAN. It’s not isolated with KOTC it’s all over the place and every where you go. You will eventually get banned here too as people will see your venom. There is serious talk of banning you from ALL SMASH EVENTS because of your actions, more to come on that subject in a few weeks. :slight_smile: **

The proof is there boy and now you are trying to back peddle. It’s plain as day that YOU LIED and you never thought that my friend Joe would post the actual link from last year’s event. You got banned because you are an arrogant SOB and **the community spits on your name **and some will even spit in your face when they see you.

You threatened a mod? Damn you are cyber tough. LOL

“what’s with this fighting nonsense, I have no beef” - What a punk bitch you are. Perhaps you should not lie on people.