NJ man charged with purposely vomiting on 11-year-old girl and father



His mug shot: http://d.yimg.com/ca.yimg.com/p/100416/capress/i12714554401165049929.jpg?x=285&y=345&sig=o2mrRlfXR7rah.776TFYbA--

Yeah…the world is coming to an end.




Upon viewing his mugshot the fat fucker reminds me of one of those ugly, fat and slimy monsters on RPGs who infect you with poison or barf on you and take away your health.

Someone needs to pull a deathblow on that piggy fuck.


Looks like a white marn. What the fuck?


Read thread title, think to myself “WTF?! That’s ridiculous. Cops be telling lies again.”

Read thread contents, think to myself “Okay, maybe the dude was being a dick but no way he vomited on purpose.”

See mugshot “KILL THE FUCKER.”


I don’t know why I found this funny.

I wonder what he ate before he came to the game.




south jersey/philly douchebags? no way!


stay classy philly fans


Did anyone else find the name “Michael Vangelo,” to be humorous?


I liked when a fan shot off a flare at the Vet on Monday Night Football better.


Very surprised nobody has made a boomer joke yet

edit: damnit i can’t read, bear got it


That’s disgusting haha…


Doesnt surprise me. I think NJ has the highest amount of assholes and “bros.” We have the most people who do stupid shit and think its ballsy, only learn about the consequences when they get there.


It must have felt good to get it out of his system.


+2 for creativity


This is why whenever I vomit on people I pretend to be really dizzy or something. As long as you act like you are are dying they won’t even get angry!


The spawn of Chris Farley!
Seem like that dude just didnt give a fuck.


:rofl: this comes to mind [media=youtube]YoKAcVL_phI[/media]

best pointless news story in days!


Jersey Shore and Jerseylicious do not help your cause one bit.