NJ/NY Smash Bros/SSF4 bi-weekly RanBats! starting 1/8/2011 (SSF4 starting 1/22/2011)


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thanks for the help DMG I hope to really get things going with SSF4 and ish


Might be Cool.

This is pretty nice. This is obviously a great step forward as far as competitive gaming in new york is concerned, as i feel that alot of old venues in NYC and NJ have recently fallen on hard times, making tournaments significantly more difficult to run then it used to be. The e-spot has always been considered quite a good venue, and this should be a great step towards helping to keep a venue that has always been considered to be great alive, not to mention strengthening the communities of both games involved.

Look forward to working with everyone involved, and let’s make this series one of the best NYC/NJ has seen in a while.


thanks for the support everyone…I cannot wait to build a relationship with this group. Hopefully it leads to greater events and chances in the future.


yooo i’m in there! =] for ssf4 obviously LOL


yo alukard… u driving?:woot:


yo this is super easy to get to public trans wise. ask alu :slight_smile:


nah i wish i had a car LOL… i take public trans for the usual monthly beatdowns

werd … only thing is coming back home is a pain in the butt =[


its a pain if u stay until 3 am but we wont be doing that lol


There’s definitely way more players in NY/NJ I’m sure of this spread the word!


This is your local scene NJ/NYC, be sure to support it so it can become bigger!


def once the local scene checks us out on jan 22nd we will be set


bump just for helpage


as a reminder we will be using the entire store for this so it should be worth it.