NJ Stomping Grounds - Jersey City NJ 8/20


Some of you guys have alreay been to our first event, but now it’s official.

Stomping grounds is a new bi-weekly sf4 tourny held in North Jersey.

Address - 460 westside ave, Jersey City NJ

Event Info - Sign ups begin at 6pm and the tourny will begin at 7pm.

  • Game will be played on xbox 360

  • Tourny Fee is $10 and the payment structure will be
    1st - 60% of the pot
    2nd - 30% of the pot
    3rd - 10% of the pot

  • we will cap the tourny if the space gets too crowded.


  • All characters are allowed
  • All matches will be 3 rounds and best out of 3 set until the Final where it will be a 5 set match
  • Winner of the losers bracket must defeat the winners bracket finalist in 2 matches in order to win th tourny
  • Pausing in a match will result in a dq round. If the pause is accidental and is determined that way between both players then you may continue the round.

We are still in early days with the tourny and very new to hosting so we are open to any suggestions you guys have in order to better the tournament and build a community amongst players in our area


Also just so you guys know…I’m aware of the recent scams going on at new tournaments but I can assure you guys we are doing this for the love of the game.

All of the money will go to the prize pool. We aren’t taking one cent of the money that goes in.


Cool, more tournaments in my area. Ill see you guys soon. When is the next tournament?


This Thursday…august 20th


I’ll be there.


any door fees? is it a building or house? what goes on in there other than sf4 tourneys?

im interested


ill try to go. got friday as well loll 2 tourneys


awww i can’make thursday, but i will be at the tourney on friday


Ill see If iI can make it.


No door fees. The place is a store called kabayan


bumping it up…hope to see you guys tomorrow


Any chance of the biweekly tournaments falling on a mon/tues/wed? Just wondering cuz I get out at 8pm on thurs and fri lol


theres a possibility of it falling on a wednesday occasionally, but for now its thursdays.


Can anyone please let me borrow an xbox pad? I dont have the system, and im not comfortable with sticks.


Don’t worry we will have extra controllers and sticks if you need


I have the fightpad too


Dude, I wish I knew about this sooner. I’m already leaving to go back to college so I can’t even participate. Maybe when I get back from school during the holiday’s or breaks.


thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. we’ll see you in two weeks.


So the next one of these is September 3rd?


Hey Guys sorry for the late update. Yes the next tourney will be thursday 3/9. Starts at 6pm, tourney will start at 7pm. See you guys there. And Chris, if you’re reading this bring your tv and xbox please, thanks.