Njhalo && nMO Super Street fighter 4 Nj championship June 25th 2010 results are in!

1st place Adnan (any winner of any nmo event wins free admission to next event)

2nd place KDZ ( 8 on the break local)

3rd Place Dizzy

4th Shinwar from nMo camp


there were some small bumps in the road but the torunament went well. we started it at 8pm to allow time for people to find there way to the event. we thank those who came to play and the next event will run smoother with advice given by KDZ and shiro.

July 23rd Adnan will defend his title of Ssf4 Njhalo champion so if you have what it takes to beat him bring it on.

videos will be up soon and thanks to NJhalo.com and rod lane for hooking nMo up and bringing us on.

comments the grand final of the tournament was insane KDZ fought from winners to fight adnan from losers final. words cant do justice to try to even talk about it. it was beyond words.

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photos of the tournament event are up from njahlo


AD fuckin NAN


he kicked my ass too. took my 2nd loss to him. that dahlsim was hard to hit.


2012 here, was my 2nd tournament ever, and was nice meeting you people.

i guess im one of the very few non joystick players out there haha. playing with my boys joystick messed up my controller game a little bit, but my blanka will come out stronger on the next round :lovin:

yeah it was good stuff last night

adnan daaaaaaaaaaamn!

adnan sucks, he is so cheap with that dhalsim

Adnan leveled the fuck up. Good shit.


pics are up on nmo site and facebook.

ADNAN defending NJHALO CHAMP!!! they comming for you bro.


videos are up



Dizzy vs alexlexus ( i get drilled)

who will take down adnan? come take on the njhalo champ