Njit game club hype it up 9 tournament (newark, nj)


NJIT Game Club is hosting an open invitation tournament

Entry is completely free for everyone.
*$5 Buy-ins for certain games

Date: Saturday, 14th November 2015
Venue: NJIT Campus Center Atrium
Signups: 11:30am - 2pm. (The sooner you are signed in, the sooner we all can leave. Please don’t come in 2 hours after game start asking for a spot. But you CAN hit us up prior if you are running late to reserve a spot)
Facebook Event Link for updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/1687333128168583/1687378884830674/

Signups can also be done before the tournament online through Challonge. Links for each of the games will be posted in the rules below.

Again it’s completely free for anyone to enter!!

Tournament Games:
• Super Smash Bros for Wii U (1v1)
• Mortal Kombat X
• Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

• Tekken Tag Tournament 2
• Super Smash Bros Melee (1v1)

• Ultra Street Fighter 4*
• Halo 5 (2v2)**

Pre-register for each of the games here: http://njitgc.challonge.com/

Plus casual setups, free snacks, and of course HYPE!
Also Special Challenges and side tournaments for special exclusive prizes!
Bonus Game tournaments, rules and updates will be announced in this post.

If anyone would like to bring their own set ups or even volunteer to help us set up and run tournaments, shoot us an email.

NJIT Bookstore Gift Cards are the main prizes for top 2 winners for each games. (Changes might happen so keep an eye out for updates)
There are also $5 buy-ins for select games with pot as the main prize. Marked by *
Also bring your own controller,convertor and headset.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 (Xbox360/PS4)
Entry Fee – 5$
Payout will be 70/20/10
Pre-register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9SF4
Signups: 11:30 am - 2pm, 2:30pm Start
Double Elimination
Matches: 2/3, (Grand finals, winner finals 3/5)
Winner Locked to character(s)/assists, loser choice to change either. Macros are NOT permitted. Random Stage Select (Neutral stage: Training)


Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
Free Entry
Payout will be gift cards for 50/25
Pre-register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIUMKX
Singups: 11:30am - 2pm, 2:30 pm Start
Double Elimination
Matches: 2/3, (Grand finals, losers finals 3/5)
Winner Locked to character(s)/assists, loser choice to change either. Macros are NOT permitted. Random Stage Select (Neutral stage: Training)
DLC characters available except Tremor


Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
Entry Fee – 5$
Payout will be 70/20/10
Pre-Register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9Marvel
Signups: 11:30am - 2pm, 2:30pm start
Double Elimination
Matches: 3/5, (Grand finals, winners finals 3/5)
Winner Locked to character(s)/assists, loser choice to change either.
Winner team order as well as assists can be changed.(Neutral stage: Training, Bonne Wonderland)
DLC characters Allowed


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) (1st $50 2nd $25)
Free Entry
Payout will be gift cards for 50/25
Pre-Register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9TT2
Signups: 11:30am - 2pm, 3pm Start
Double Elimination
Matches: Best out of 3. Best of 5 for Grand/winners finals
Winner Locked to characters, loser choice to change either.
Stages can be random.


Halo 5 (Xbox One) (1st: $100 2nd: $50)
Free Entry
Payout will be gift cards of 100/50
Pre-Register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9Halo5
Signups: 11:30am - 2pm, 3:00pm Start
Single Elimination
4 players, 2 vs 2 team Death match
Items on, Random Stages (no Vehicle based Maps)
Headsets can be used. Bring your own controller.
Grand Finals 3/5


Super Smash Bros 4 (Wii U) (1st: $50 2nd: $25)
Free Entry
Payout will be gift cards for 50/25
Pre-Register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9Smash4
Signups: 11:30 am - 1pm, 1:30pm Start
Double Elimination
•2 stocks
•8 minute Time limit
•DLC is allowed
•No Amiibos
•Custom moves banned
•3DS can be used as controllers
•Default move-sets only for Palutena
•Mii Fighters banned
•Can’t go the same color as your opponent’s team color
•No Stalling
Stage list (Singles & Doubles)
2 bans per player for singles, 2 bans per team for Doubles
Neutrals (Plus Counter-picks):
Town and City
Final Destination
Battleship Halberd
Lylat Cruise
Castle Siege
Town and City
Kongo Jungle
Pilot Wings


Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)*
Entry Fee - $5
Payout will be 70/20/10
Pre-Register: http://njitgc.challonge.com/HIU9Melee
Signups: 11:30am - 1:30pm Start: 1:45pm
Double Elimination
Matches: Best out of 3. Best of 5 for Grand/Losers finals

Each match is played with timed stock, with 4 lives and 8 minutes.
In the case that time runs out and both characters have an equal amount of lives, the character with less damage wins the match. If both characters have equal lives and damage, the match must be replayed; Sudden Death is strictly not to be played.
The first match is played with a Random Stage.
The random select is comprised of neutral stages:
Yoshi’s Story
Fountain of Dreams
Final Destination
Dream Land (N64)
For the first match, characters are chosen double-blind - at the same time, so that neither player knows his opponent’s character beforehand. In practice, this rule is often ignored, but players always reserve the option to force a double-blind pick.
The loser of the first match (and of successive matches) chooses the next stage, and then the winner chooses his character, and then the loser chooses his character. This series of choices is called slob picks.
The loser can pick either a neutral stage or a counterpick stage, this list is based on MBR recommended ruleset:
Pokémon Stadium
The loser cannot pick any banned stages:
Big Blue
Brinstar Depths
Flat Zone
Great Bay
Green Greens
Icicle Mountain
Jungle Japes
Kongo Jungle
Kongo Jungle (N64)
Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom II
Mute City
Poké Floats
Princess Peach’s Castle
Rainbow Cruise
Yoshi’s Island (pipes)
Yoshi’s Island (N64)
The loser can also not choose any stage that has already been played earlier that round. This rule is known as “Dave’s Stupid Rule”, named after Scamp.
The winner can ban stages from the opponent’s selection, except in best-of-5 sets.

Whoa, tournament postings on SRK!

I’m not sure how low-key you’re trying to keep this, but you might try posting in the old NJ thread. It’s inactive but people may have notifications set on it. The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83

If you’re looking for more MKX players you could also try posting on Test Your Might: http://testyourmight.com/forums/north-american-tournaments-events.13/ and maybe http://testyourmight.com/threads/the-new-tristate-thread-nj-pa-ny.41775/

Thanks for the suggestion. This is my first time posting around here.