NKI Volume X - Evolution 2007 Special - Super Turbo Shenanigans

You can find it with all my other vids in the usual place:


I also made a Clean Edit version, so that you can see all the clips in real-time (without slow-mo, freeze-frame, zooming, etc).

Transcript to follow shortly…


YES! That vid was dope at EVO. Definitely one of my favorite highlights.



I am retarded.

Nah, it’s fine where it is. Not too many people go into the vid forum. Plus, this vid is gonna get discussed in a fighting game manor. Right, guys?

That was AMAZING.

The slow motion frame by frame was really good.

Mad props.

Also, which song was that?
It sounded like a remix of Blazed up Metasomething(sp) from Helena’s stage, DOA

look man, it’s not fair. I have to post my vids in a forum no one goes to!:annoy: lol

The chun evading ryu’s reversal super with great. There was generally an awesome fast pace to the video, I really liked it.

its NKI. that nigga can do whatever the fuck he wants just because hes that good looking.

I was going to post the same thing and you beat me to it.

It is from the Samurai Champloo soundtrack, the one labeled “Masta”

This shit rocked.

The song is Storm by Vanessa Mae. Always a solid choice for any kind of vid really.

Easily one of the most fun to watch videos ever made!! So many dope things happening, and almost all of it is actually practical (once a month).

NKI is the people’s champ and i was sad to see him lose to the PS2.

I dunno, i liked it a lot better before she came along and added generic techno to it. Though i guess generic techno does make it more compatible with game sound effects.

You all are too kind. <3

I just updated the song list to include both versions of Volume X. Sorry I didn’t do that initially. Like I said, I am retarded.

great shit nki! i love it

So good that it doesn’t have to be in the right forum. Thats when you know a video is good.


awesome stuff… great job NKI :tup:

2 thumbs and a toe up :tup::tup::tup:

Hahahahhaa. Wow.

Downloading now!

Edit: Awesome man! The Blanka part was the shit…