NKI Volume XI - Evolution 2008 Special

Sorry for the delay - Volume XI (and transcript) are now up:


I think it’s pretty obvious from the video itself, but just in case there’s any confusion, these combos were performed with a program pad. (All combos and glitches are 100% legit though - as always, no hacks or cheats were used.)

The song used is “Prosperity In A New World (Signum Mix)” by Ronald Hagen & Pascal Minnaard, as found on CD2 of Classical Trancelations by Armin van Buuren.


I thought it was never going to come up thx :pray:

thanks man. wooot :bgrin:

I love it ! ^.~

What the fuck at that storm sj lk combo near the end!
Permission to upload to youtube?

You can upload to YouTube as long as you link to http://nki.combovideos.com in the description of the vid. :tup:

[media=youtube]e_83R1aynVg[/media] Its up, Should save you some bandwith :D, Dunno how to up vids in a way that its viewable in HQ though. :frowning:


Nice shit.

wait, program pad, or macros?

Honestly NKI, one of my favorite videos to date.

Well, both technically. Some combos were done entirely by hand, some were done entirely with a program pad, and some were done by hand with the help of macros.

And thanks. :smile:

good shit.
when you finish the corner combo with sabertooth, you OTG with roundhouse on your way down, then juggle with s.short creating FSD, then re-launching with d.Feirce…wtf? is there some secret to xvsf where if you just adjust your timing you can FSD whenever you want?..if so can you tell me?

that cyod shit just made my life, thanks again

Yeah, one way to cause FSD is to hit the opponent on their last frame of hit-stun.

/\ lol

I don’t understand why that’s funny…:confused:

I know there is no short answer for this, but what do you do to figure out these glitches? Do you just sit there and try stuff? Do you look at the programming? It just boggles my mind how people can find such RIDICULOUS stuff, lol.

You are correct that there is no short answer, but the shortest answer I can give is that:

  1. I have a good idea of what to look for / what to try (based on previously known combos/glitches).
  2. I’m patient enough (or OCD enough) to try every single variable.
  3. Sometimes I just get random ideas in my head for a combo or glitch. About half of them actually work.

I think the key is #2 though. For example, in this vid, the entire intro (Zangief, Ryu, Juggs, Rogue, Dictator shadows, Ryu shadows), plus the later Dictator combo, plus the setup for the Mags/Storm combo were all just different variables of the Manhattan stage glitch (with breaking the ground). About half of Volume VIII was just different variables of the dead characters glitch, and the other half was just different variables of the Venom throw glitch.

Basically when I find a new glitch, I don’t just think, “OK - that’s cool.” I think, “How else can I exploit this”. I then spend the next 8 months testing out every possibility I can think of. :wasted:

(By the way, the transcript has been uploaded.)

you rule!

magnetro is mean:tdown:

great video, all the combos and glitches were entertaining

Thanks for all the hard work. Excellent and enjoyable video to watch. :woot:

loved it