NM Gatherings

I’m planning on having some weekly 3S gatherings starting in June to get ready for EvO. I got a 7 man crew right now and looking to add more, so if you live in the Albuquerque/Los Lunas or surrounding areas and are interested let me know.

you should have did these back when i still lived there anyways no one in albuquerque plays 3s really cuz no place has a machine. actually one place has a machine but no one goes there. go to the NM thread and post it there and youll probably get more response.

I don’t play 3s. but if there’s people out there willing to teach, and let me play along with. I’m down.

I play 3s. Where are these gatherings?

yeah but you svck:wgrin:


LOL :lovin:

How hard could it be. You just gotta spam ken’s C.MK links/cancels and you parry everything FTW.

Oh hey penpen how long is your laptop’s battery life? I’ve been wanting to get one. How big is the monitor on the one you got too. You haven’t been on AIM so I’ll axe you here.