No "Akuma Basics"?

I’ll start off for with some questions:

What are the suggested times for using his dive kick?
I’ve only been using it after a back throw and a dragon.

Can the dive kick work after his forward throw?
Or after a sweep?

Are there any reasons to use dragon roundhouse or dragon medium kick?

How viable is dragon short into the slide?

What are some tips on using the air fireball?
I’ve only found it good on his jump back.

Cross-up on an opponent laying on the ground.

Air fireballs are generally used for zoning and not much else. Jumping forward and doing it is kind of asking to get parried and punished.

Hm…if you do a dragon roundhouse over a ‘sleeping’ body, does that mean the slide (if you touch nothing) will turn him around and strike the ‘other way’?

Probably not.
Most people cross up and then HP > :dp:+P or MK > :qcb:+K if it hits.

How good is his medium kick cross-up?
Or his roundhouse cross-up?

Thanks for the responses. Can you answer my other stuff from the first post?

Rdh cross-up blows

The dive kick can be a good surprise move up close. Try and practise the timing to get one out as early into the jump as you can. Its a very good tactic against whiffed pokes. So it can be good after a sweep. It’ll work after a throw on rare occasions.

The dragon roundhouse or medium kick should be used for the grab setups. Jumping in from a mid to fairly close range and then grabbing can really surprise people. Medium version cancelled into dive kick is good during a rush down when cancelled off pokes.

short dragon into slide is quite good if the sweep gets them at maximum range. Very confusing. I generally use that off a backdash at times. Also good after a forward throw or lp dragon- if the opponent quick rolls, the slide gets them as a meaty.

Use air fireballs for keeping your opponent outside sweep range at least. Use it late in your jump if you’re close to the opponent as its hard to punish if parried that late i.e. try and time your air fireballs so that you can land, dash in and hit them without them retaliating. Use them from further distances to bait people to jump in. MOST DEFINITELY use them for getting in on knocked down opponents.

His crossups are quite rubbish. You dont really need them with him anyway. If you do end up on the other side when jumping and need something to hit them with, hurricane kick is your best bet. Otherwise, leave the jump empty and tech throw or teleport when you land.

Hope that helps.

Food for Thought

NICE. Very specific. Just what this thread needs.

Hm…good food for thought.

What are good pokes with him?
For the most part, I use
standing / ducking strong
standing / ducking medium kick

Everything else is kind of random (including far fierce and far roundhouse)

Use the universal overhead as a poke. It goes over low attacks and since it forces people to block high, its a very good poke. Try and maintain a range so that you can’t be thrown after it connects, but you can kara throw them instead :rofl:

Standing fierce is always good - both the far and close version. Make sure the far version is done from as far as possible, otherwise it can be punished on block. Standing far roundhouse isn’t that good since it can be ducked under in most cases - but if you’re fairly sure its going to connect, then cancel a demon off it for an infamous 16 hit combo :rock: Close version is good cos of two hits and the second hit is an overhead. Use the close roundhouse after a blocked dive kick for interesting results.

Standing strong up close shouldn’t really be used cos forward is MUCH better in that situation - simply because you can hit confirm a super off it. You’ll see this in good akuma match videos all the time. The far version of standing strong doesn’t have much range, but is VERY good for cancelling moves off. So for example, you can cancel the far standing strong into a forward or roundhouse demon flip (dragon with forward or roundhouse) leading to a grab or maybe dive kick if you wanna keep the pressure on. Against parry happy airborne players, you can throw out the far standing strong (which they parry), and you can just cancel into whatever move you want (which they most probably wont be able to parry!). If you aren’t in the proper range for standing strong, ALWAYS go for standing forward. That poke is just too good.

Once your execution is more fluent and relaxed, you should start playing around with using crouching shorts to confuse and apply pressure. I wont bother giving exact details here - this is one area of footsies that is unique to every different player who uses it.

Good luck, and I hope to play you one day :tup:

Forward Strong into Super

Can Akuma combo a Forward Strong into any of his supers?

Can Akuma combo the ‘universal overhead’ into a super?

HarmoNaz, (cool name by the way,) I live in America…so a match is pretty much never going to happen. It’s too bad though, a match sounds like fun:-)

Not sure what you mean by forward strong. Normal standing strong can be combo’ed into super - close range you wouldnt want to anyways cos you can use other better things to start a combo. Far range it can be, but has to be done very quick. Close forward is one of his best combo starters (can even be confirmed into super). Far version can’t, and a very quick Ken player can reversal super you even if your forward hits - but that risk is worth taking most times.

UOH can be confirmed into super, but only under certain conditions. Either at the correct range, or if it hits as a meaty.

I do plan on making a trip to America sometime next year to actually meet up with one of America’s top Akuma players. He’s offered to give me some schooling. I’ll drop you a pm if it happens and we’ll see what happens.

Dont let the constant beatings from Ken players demotivate you :tup: Ken is one of the few players that you have to play extra careful against. Consider those games as good practice for patience and baiting.

Check out my comedy performaces at the UK 5th ranking battles yesterday if you’re bored. Apart from the finals where I get raped 3-0, all my other games including the team tourney games were fairly decent. A lot of raging demons :rofl: not sure how many vids are up yet, but I hope you enjoy them.

Good luck with your playing :tup:

good shit Harmonaz, I think he was sayin “towards+strong”, the overhead. Unless you’re planning on making a combo video, don’t expect it to ever combo into super.

Cheap way to set up the uoh into super is> when you’re next to an opponent. UOH at that range will combo into super on shotos, and others as well.

Close mp isn’t much by itself, but it’s a great tick into karathrow.

hm… well as for basics, i think the dive kick is best used sparingly unless youre playing scrubs. A good player will see it, parry it and own it. Mediocre players wont always parry. Your best bet is to use it occasionally as long as you can get it out real fast. Ofcourse then cancel that into other things like hurricane, demon flip, or standing fierce. Divekick -> standing ferce -> whatever (demon flip, hurricanes or just block) is pretty good. Something i used to do a lot is divekick immediately followed by a short demon flip into air throw. However they can just walk to the other side if they know about it so watch out.
also, if you are close to the opponent, cancel standing forward (the knee) into a demon flip and mix up from there. either divekick or throw or whatever.

air fireballs- use them as defense not offense. oh yeah, i always forget this, but dont use this on makoto. she will usually dash right under it, grab you and kill you with one combo

waking-up opponent

Hi there! I’m kinda new here, but have already read all the posts of you guys and i think its great! It’s great that u aren’t trying to hide a hint of ur tactics playing Akuma and tell us all u know(at least as it looks to me)! Thanx for ur advices!
And for my turn I want to ask U how u are dealing with waking-up opponent(Ken for examlpe). Talking bout Ken, how u deal with his EX-SRK or hp-SRK? How ,in ur opinion, to use his knockdown as an advantage and not just to keep out of his Shoryuken!? Srry for my english, i hope u can understand my question:rolleyes:

SRK - parry it then punish it?

One thing I used to do is option parry. Thats sort of like pressing forward once for the parry, and pressing throw straight away. If they dont do a wakeup dragon, I’ll just grab them, otherwise I’ll parry one hit and…
if it was an lp dragon, I can punish. Otherwise I’m the one getting owned.

So a new thing that I do every now and then (whenever I suspect a wakeup move), is position myself slightly out of throw range, and as soon as they wakeup, I go into crouch block. If they dragon, good for me. If they dont do anything and are just waiting for me to attack or whatever, I instantly kara throw them which is one of the last things they expect.

What you need to remember is that wakeup games end up becoming much more than just ‘will he dragon or not’. There have been times when I dash into people on MY wakeup and demon them - simply because they were waiting to see if I would wakeup demon or dragon.

Hope that helps :tup:

Yeah, kara is definetly an option - great help!!!
Whiffing’s over the laying opponent also can make him think that u r gonna eat his wake-up srk, so throw out just two of lk’s and quickly block! If he tried to srk u, u r free to punish, but if he didn’t … readin the previous post…karathrow him!! he-he!

srk- why parry and punish? just block and punish.
harmonaz- with akuma, his kara throw is too awesome. option every single time

I actually did this once.

I meatyed Gouki’s Toward Strong perfectly on a crouching Q once and linked it into SA2. Its was great.

cr. lk > st.lp > hp srk is good.