No Amazon Costume if you ordered digital. Just got a full refund

If you ordered the DIGITAL version of SFV from Amazon, and DID NOT GET get your Bison costume code email, go bitch at them in their live chat. They seem to think the promo was for “physical copies only.” I argued with them to the point they refunded the cost of the entire game because they couldn’t cough up a working code for me and I was able to show them on the capcom unity page that there’s no mention of “physical copies only” it clearly says ALL pre-orders…

But yeah if you ordered the digital and are expecting a costume email… don’t bother. it’s not coming.

Yo for real? The whole game? Lol
Post your chat transcript if you have one
Edit: Yeah this didn’t work for me

Keep at em. I had to get transferred through 3 “game specialists” in live chat before I got to this guy. use the link I showed above. it states in the article that ALL pre-orders receive the bonus and is directly from a capcom representative…

I’m not going to post the entire transcript, but here’s the end part.

Here’s what I used as my “proof” from the page I linked in the first comment.

Damn I guess it depends on the person you get. I spoke to a couple different people and apparently they’re going to get back to me on it.

And just so you know I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. Feel free to use any of this to help you get your own refund because this is BS.

I actually got a code from one of the chat dudes lmao. Haven’t tried yet to see if it works
Edit: So it doesn’t even fit into the redeem code box. I have no idea what this is supposed to be

Yeah they tried to give me one too, but I told them it was too many characters, and PSN codes NEVER contain zeroes.

So you got a free game because they didn’t give you a $4 costume? Sick come up.

You got lucky man they didn’t budge at all.

Heh, I preordered before the costume reveal, tried to cancel but they wouldnt give me the refund because “combo promotion.”

Theyre still waiting for my updated CC information. Ended up getting CE from a local Gamestop. Shouldve gotten Best Buy or PSN but its still better than Bison!