No Ambiguous Ultra on DeeJay

I’ve known this for a while now, but thought others might want to know. 90% of the time I use ultra is for ambiguous ultra off neutral throw, but for DeeJay, he gets up so far back that you can’t make it ambiguous. He is the only character I use ultra 2 on.

Ppl always complain about Adon’s wakeup time, but Deejay gets up so far away it’s annoying. Hopefully it’s been adjusted in AE, as Deejay is looking damn good there, and I find ultra 2 mostly useless with it’s horrible startup time.

Even without this fixed I’d still use U1 on him in AE simply because his fireball recovery is no longer ass giving you less chances to land u2.

i’ll still use u1 on him just to punish stuff.

You should be using U1 for this sole reason.
U1 startup is 1+3
Blocked low forward is -5
Therefore reversal ultra will punish a dropped BnB combo. I’ve been punished for this in real games (as Dee Jay) exactly zero times. I’ve never figured out why Blanka players don’t do this to me. In practical vs. Blanka situations that link is a 2 framer and occasionally a 1 framer (off cl.fwd). On behalf of all Dee Jay players, we drop those. Really really often. In AE this is going to become a much more common match. Get used to doing it.

Also Dee Jay’s crouch tech has a 5 frame startup and his low jab is 4 frame startup. He’s one of the few characters that crossover hop stuff is actually a good idea on, meaning more U1 setups, whether CH or just as a mixup.

You have enough anti-crossup and anti-fireball stuff as Blanka vs. Dee Jay. You don’t need U2 for this.

–Jay Snyder

It’s cuz viscant no one plays DJ and no one knows his frame data. I had to look it up after playing vs you. haha.

huge influx fo Deejays for AE me thinks.
better get used to that matchup.

Ambiguous Ultra doesn’t work against Chun or Guy with EX meter either. They can just reversal you.

You can alter the timing against Guy I know and beat it.

The tatsu just whiffs completely.

He could probably armor cancel ultra though.

i stopped using u2 against dee jay as he seams hard to punish for throwing out is air slashes. maybe it’s just me, but it felt like i was playing against guile for that matter.

Punishing fireballs is really variable. Blanka u2 is 12 frames

Guile recovery
lp 20
mp 22
hp 24
ex 28

lp/mp/hp 27
ex 39

You can somewhat react to the fireball motion before it comes out. Why Guile’s ex boom is actually very easy to ultra on reaction.

You can see why punishing lp sonic boom is so hard. Even if you react to the first frame the boom comes out, you have 8 frames to complete your ultra motion. You have to react to his hands going back to punish it, which isn’t reliable.

Lucky for deejay since he throws 2 maxouts during EX, a lot of anti fireball moves reacting to the first projectile just run into the second. Probably the easiest fireball to ultra with Blanka though, maybe tied with Chun lp fireball simply because you can reliably ultra her from half screen against that thing.