No backwards compatibility for 2d fighters on the XBOX 360

The list for backwards compatible games was released (tenative list and it doesn’t look like any 2d fighters will be supported. NGBC is confirmed for 360 release but all those hoping to get a 360 for XBOX gen 2d fighters seem to be out of luck. If this topic isn’t appropriate for this forum please move it.

Kabuki Warriors is a go, but Phantom Dust isn’t…:tdown:

as of now you are correct, but more games will be added with downloadable patches in due time. hopefully they get around to the 2d fighters.

handhelds are the future of 2d (ports)

2D fighters are meant to be played on stick.

I hope this list is wrong, would be nice to see a new batch of players on CvS2/3s.

I can’t belive all they have is DOA3 and MKD…how lame.

Man that list is a pile of wank. Who the fuck wants to play Volvo: Drive for life on their XB360?!

Every XBL game should have been given the good treatment, instead we get another chance to play some bullshit like Prince of Persia thats only available on several other systems. BS.

Read before bitching, a lot of the games on the list are there because back-comp was practically free for them i.e. they had to change very little. More notably in that article: What criteria do you use in choosing which Xbox games will be backward compatible on Xbox 360? How far back into the Xbox game library are you going to go?

Todd: When we say Xbox library, we mean the entire Xbox library. This ranges all the way from our launch in 2001 up to games that haven’t even shipped yet. As we’ve said before, we prioritized the top-selling titles and those games with a large Xbox Live following for launch, and we’re going deeper into the portfolio every day.

Oh man Shemue 2 ain’t either, man Shenmue 3 ain;t gonna come out is it, is it ?

I hope they get to Otogi 1 and 2, SpikeOut, OutRun and Phantom Dust soon…

I don’t really play 2D fighters on Live anymore, so I’m not too concerned with backwards compatibility except when it comes to one game: Outrun 2. But even now, I’m not too impressed with the 360’s game offerings (the games on it do look beautiful, though). Hell, I’m not sure I’ll even get a PS3, since nothing’s coming out that’s interesting to me.

And even if the 360 were to play SFAC, KOF02/03, and GGXX#R, I don’t think that it would draw in new players or sell more copies of said games. Didn’t PS1 game sales drop when the PS2 came out? And think about it from a mainstream gamer’s point of view: why play pixellated SF3 and KOF when I could play DOA4 with teh boobies? It would be extrememly rare for a new player, a closet prodigy, to pick up a copy of a 2D game and play it.

Thank God PS3 will have backward compatibility, and thank God I still have a DC with 2nd Impact.

Even if 2d fighters were compatible with 360, everyone will stop playing after the lag kicks in on XBL. Everyone knows how #Reload plays on Live.

MS are boneheads!

I saw the list and all I can say is WTF. They don’t even have DOA Ultimate yet. The lack of 2-D fighters is truly dissapointing. I’m betting the likes of MvC2, CvS2, SvC: Chaos, and GGXX#R will all come to the bottom of the list. Probably even after Bruce Lee.

Quoting this because people seem to miss it already.

Do people still play Phantom Dust online? Is it worth buying at this point?

#reload is unplayable. no way is 3s close to that.

Well there was a 360 in my local Gamestation, one of those demo pod things. I had a go and it completely put me off buying it. It looks pretty cool, in a ‘casual/non-gamer-would-say-“wow, nice”-then-forget-about-it’ kind of way… But the games aren’t even games…They’re a collection of bump-mapped shapes on a disc…You can move these shapes but it’s no fun. Kind of like playing Pong while manically depressed.

And once again the Xbox seems to be on track to re-earn it’s title as the FPS-Machine or Tom Clancy Machine… The Japanese will run away from this faster than physically possible. We’ll have to re-write relativity after the dust settles.

I know that sounds like system bashing, but I seriously couldn’t give a single shit how many people buy it - I’m just bowled over with total apathy for it. A bunch of the launch games were even glitchy as hell last I heard. Oh well, talk about handing the victory to Sony.

The bullshit is strong with this one.

There were 200 titles announced for the 360 a few months ago. Out of those, 80 were japanese games (no FPS or Tom Clancy in sight). That, in case you didn’t know, means that Japan is the place developing the most games for the console (the other 120 are from developers from all around the world put together).

You should also check the post-TGS polls with all japanese developers that attended the event.

More than that… The XBox was number 2 without the japanese support.

This time, they’re doing far better, so, even if they don’t sell there, it’s still a number 2 contender doing better and better all-around.