No backwards compatibility for 2d fighters on the XBOX 360

The majority of casual fans are ignorant bastards, don’t forget their voices ring the loudest!

the backwards compatibilty issue sucks pretty hardcore, basically if you dont have xbox live the only games that are truly compatible out of the box are halo 1-2 the other games work through the built in emulator you put the game in and then download files via xbox live to play the game on 360. so if you dont have or want live you’re really screwed, better not trade in the xbox yet.

I’d get an X360 if Virtua Fighter 5 popped up on it.

no. if you dont have live you can downlod the patches from their site and burn them to a cd. this is official formj ms but i’m way to lazy to look up links.

I’m holding off on getting a 360 till they support at least CvS2 EO and SFAE.

No 2D fighters WTF!!! that shyt right there makes me not want a 360 even more.:sad:

^a hell of a lot of games haven’t been emulated yet. they’re working on it.

Co-sign on that.:tup: If I were wveryone else I wouldn’t sweat it not having 2-d fighters right now since the console was rushed out. There might even be better fighters than whats out now.

They are working on 2D games, just like they were working on alpha channel support for DirectDraw - which five years later they still hadn’t gotten around to doing and eventually defeatured all of DirectDraw.:tup:

As far as the number of games announced - I remember the 3DO said they had something like 300+ developers making games for their system. When I was in high school (this is a true story) I had someone at 3DO contact ME about making games for their system based on some Mac game I was working on at the time. With a little more effort I probably could have gotten myself listed as a 3DO developer.

My point is that stuff is always BS. Remember that XBox launch game with that guy with the hammer made by Argonaut? Yeah…neither do I, because it never come out even though it was a “launch” title.

At this point the 360 sucks balls. Maybe it will be better. I’m not into predicting the future. If it stops sucking it may be worth buying - right now it’s a joke.

The next Zelda is looking far better than any 360 that’s coming out any time in the similar time frame.

You’re thinking about “Malice” and yes it DID come out (& that guy’s actually a chick) just last year. It’s kinda funny, because the game which was originally showcased by Bill Gates as the opening of a new gaming era, was pushed back into oblivion. The game took so long for release to the point where it wasn’t even an xbox exclusive any longer. I won’t even get into detail as to the results the numerous delays had on the game…

Umm DirectDraw was officially dropped since DX8, no deception there… It’s easy enough to do 2D with D3D so theres no point in maintaining 2 totally different APIs when one is a subset (in terms of functionality) of the other. Besides you get all the benefit of 3D hardware. Anyway, that hardly has anything to do with their Xbox BC stuff…

As for everyone STILL bitching without reading about it first:


I’m not denying that it’s a possibility that Microsoft will fail in Japan, just that it’s not a forgone conclusion given the evidence you’ve provided, which really amounts to little of relevance.

By the way, I don’t think the 3DO was designed in Japan. It was manufactured by a few Japanese electronics companies according to 3DO (an American company)'s specification. It’s kinda debatable whether this qualifies as a “Japanese” or “American” console.

Japan titles announced for xbox360 in the next 3 months:
(12/10/05) Dead or Alive 4 [Tecmo]
(12/10/05) Everyparty [Microsoft]
(12/10/05) FIFA 06 [EA]
(12/10/05) Need for Speed Most Wanted [EA]
(12/10/05) Perfect Dark Zero [Microsoft]
(12/10/05) Ridge Racer 6 [Namco]
(12/10/05) Tetris: The Grandmaster Ace [Cavia]
(12/10/05) [eM] -eNCHANT arM- [From Software]
(12/22/05) Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Special [Koei]
(12/22/05) Wrestle Kingdom [Yuke’s]
(01/12/06) Ninety Nine Nights [Microsoft]
(01/16/06) Project Gotham Racing 3 [Microsoft]

Japan titles announced for PS2 in the next 3 months:
(11/17/05) Beatmania IIDX 10th Style [Konami]
(11/17/05) Blocks [Irem Soft. Eng.]
(11/17/05) Garouden Break Blow [Entertainment Soft]
(11/17/05) God of War [Capcom]
(11/17/05) Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Rengou vs Z.A.F.T [Bandai]
(11/17/05) J.League Winning Eleven 9 Asia Championship [Konami]
(11/17/05) Keroro Gunsoh: Meromero Battle Royal Z [Bandai]
(11/17/05) Pachislot Club Collection [Komushido]
(11/17/05) The Matrix: Path of Neo [Atari]
(11/21/05) Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence [Konami]
(11/21/05) Ratchet & Clank 4th Girigiri Gingano Giga-battle [Sony]
(11/23/05) Soul Calibur III [Namco]
(11/23/05) .hack// flagment [Bandai]
(11/23/05) Asutoro Kyudan Kessen [Sunrise]
(11/23/05) Dororo (Sega The Best 2800) [Sega]
(11/23/05) Friends: Seishun no Kagayaki (The Best) [Interchannel]
(11/23/05) Gallop Racer 8 [Tecmo]
(11/23/05) Girls Mahjong for Adult 2 [Jaleco]
(11/23/05) Izumo 2 [GN Software]
(11/23/05) Little Aid [Takuyo]
(11/23/05) Metal Slug 4 (SNK Best) [SNK Playmore]
(11/23/05) One Piece Pirate Carnival [Bandai]
(11/23/05) Otome Hao Anesama ni Koi Shiteru [Alchemist]
(11/23/05) Pachi Para 12 [Irem Soft. Eng.]
(11/23/05) Sakura Taisen V Episode 0 (Sega Best) [Sega]
(11/23/05) Samurai Spirits Zero (SNK Best) [SNK Playmore]
(11/23/05) Sentimental Prelude (The Best) [Interchannel]
(11/23/05) The King of Fighters 2002 (SNK Best) [SNK Playmore]
(11/24/05) 24: The Game [Sony]
(11/24/05) Akumajo Dracula: Yami no Juin [Konami]
(11/24/05) Exciting Pro Wrestling 6: SmackDown! vs. Raw (The Best) [Yuke’s]
(11/24/05) Ikusa Gami [Genki]
(11/24/05) Matantei Loki Ragnarok: King of Chiisa wa Shiawase [Taito]
(11/24/05) Puyo Puyo Fever 2 [Sega]
(11/24/05) Rune Princess [Princess Soft]
(11/24/05) SSX On Tour [EA]
(11/24/05) Star Wars: Battlefront II [EA]
(11/24/05) SuperLite 2000: Love Adventure Monochrome [Success]
(11/24/05) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 [EA]
(11/29/05) Yoshitsune-ki [Banpresto]
(11/29/05) Rebirth Moon [Idea Factory]
(12/01/05) Chaos Field [Digital gain]
(12/01/05) Homura [Taito]
(12/01/05) Kamen Rider Hibiki [Bandai]
(12/01/05) Kenka Banchou (The Best) [Spike]
(12/01/05) Kessen III (Koei Best) [Koei]
(12/01/05) Madden NFL 06 [EA]
(12/01/05) Nobunaga no Yabou: Tenka Sousei (Koei Best) [Koei]
(12/01/05) BioHazard 4 [Capcom]
(12/01/05) Sengoku Musou Moushouden (Koei Best) [Koei]
(12/01/05) TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga (The Best) [Enterbrain]
(12/01/05) Tough: Dark Fight [Konami]
(12/01/05) Samurai Kanzenban (The Best) [Spike]
(12/05/05) Taiko no Tatsujin: Wai Wai Happy Muyome [Namco]
(12/06/05) Rogue Galaxy [Sony]
(12/08/05) Fragments Blue [Kadokawa Shoten]
(12/08/05) Momotarou Densetsu 15 [Hudson]
(12/08/05) Ryuu ga Gotoku [Sega]
(12/08/05) S2000 Series Vol. 92: The Game of a Curse [D3P]
(12/08/05) Sugar Sugar Rune: Koimo Osharemo Pick-Up [Bandai]
(12/15/05) Tales of the Abyss [Namco]
(12/15/05) Chicken Little [D3P]
(12/15/05) D.C.F.S. Da Capo Fall Seasons [Kadokawa Shoten]
(12/15/05) Karutagura: Tamashii no Kunou [Kid]
(12/15/05) Konjiki no Gashbell: Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! [Bandai]
(12/15/05) Peter Jackson’s King Kong [Ubi Soft]
(12/15/05) Shadow the Hedgehog [Sega]
(12/15/05) Slotter Up Core 8 Giant’s Star III [Dorasu]
(12/15/05) Sunrise Eiyuutan 3 [Sunrise]
(12/22/05) Eyeshield 21: AmeFoot Yarouze! Ya! Ha! [Konami]
(12/22/05) GI Jockey 4 [Koei]
(12/22/05) Jissen Pachinko Hisshouhou! CR Hokuto no Ken [Sega]
(12/22/05) Kingdom Hearts II [Square Enix]
(12/22/05) Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence [Konami]
(12/22/05) Naruto: Narutimett Hero 3 [Bandai]
(12/22/05) Need for Speed Most Wanted [EA]
(12/22/05) NeoGeo Battle Coliseum [SNK Playmore]
(12/22/05) Phantasy Star Universe [Sega]
(12/22/05) Prince of Tennis: Gakuensai no Oji-sama [Konami]
(12/22/05) Sega Ages Vol.22: Advanced Daisenryaku [Sega]
(12/22/05) Sega Ages Vol.23: Sega Memorial Selection [Sega]
(12/22/05) S2000 Ultimate Vol.29: K-1 Premium 2005 Dynamite!! [D3P]
(12/22/05) S2000 Series Vol.94: The Akachan Pion: Come on Baby [D3P]
(12/28/05) Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou [Sony]
(12/28/05) Front Mission 5: Scars of the War [Square Enix]
(12/29/05) Psychic Force Complete [Taito]
(12/29/05) White Clarity: And, the Tears Became You [Princess Soft]
(12/XX/05) Crash Tag Team Racing [VU Games]
(12/XX/05) Duel Savior Destiny [Alchemist]
(12/XX/05) Hissatsu Pachislot Ninja Hattori Kun V [Sunsoft]
(12/XX/05) Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Aladdin 2 Evolution [Sega]
(12/XX/05) Kino no Tabi 2: The Beautiful World [Media Works]
(12/XX/05) Monster Farm 5: Circus Caravan [Tecmo]
(01/12/06) Mahou Tsukai Kurohime [Tomy]
(01/12/06) Sega Rally 2006 [Sega]
(01/12/06) Simple 2000 Ultimate Series: The Zombie vs. Ambulance [D3P]
(01/19/06) Simple 2000 Series: The Right Brain Drill [D3P]
(01/19/06) Simple 2000 Ultimate Series Vol.30: Kourin!! Zokusha-God [D3P]
(01/19/06) Rule of Rose [Sony]
(01/19/06) Samurai Chanpuru [Bandai]
(01/19/06) Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichi Kenkakuten [SNK Playmore]
(01/26/06) Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII [Square Enix]
(01/26/06) Tourist Trophy [Sony]
(01/26/06) Ar-Toneliko: Sekai no Owari de Shi Tsudzukeru Shoujo [Banpresto]
(01/26/06) Blazing Souls [Idea Factory]
(01/26/06) Canvas 2 [Interchannel]
(01/26/06) Derby Tsuku 5: Derby Uma o Tsukurou! [Sega]
(01/26/06) Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou [Atlus]
(01/26/06) Fahrenheit [Atari]
(01/26/06) Full Spectrum Warrior [THQ]
(01/26/06) I/O [GN Software]
(01/26/06) Jewels Ocean: Star of Sierra Leone [Princess Soft]
(01/26/06) Last Escort [D3P]
(01/26/06) Oretachi Geasen Zoku Sono XX: Kuosu [Hamster]
(01/26/06) Oretachi Geasen Zoku Sono XX: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun [Hamster]
(01/26/06) Sega Ages Vol. 24: Last Bronx - Tokyo Bangaichi [Sega]
(01/26/06) SuperLite 2000: Memories Off AfterRain Vol.1: Oridzuru [Success]
(01/26/06) SuperLite 2000: Youkoso Hitsuji-Mura [Success]
(01/26/06) Bakumatsu Roman: Last Blade 2-in-1 [SNK Playmore]
(01/26/06) Gunparade Orchestra: Shiro no Shou [Sony]
(01/XX/06) Hisshou Pachinko Kouryoku Series Vol.2 [D3P]
(01/XX/06) Namco Museum Arcade Hits! [Namco]
(01/XX/06) The King of Fighters Orochi Collection [SNK Playmore]
(01/XX/06) Ueki no Housoku [Bandai]

I’m not seeing the Japanese love here.
(Editted to neaten up/make the comparison more fair)

PS will always have better support from Japanese developers than Microsoft for obvious reasons, so there is no point in comparing the two.

Would you like me to compare it to gamecube? Hell, gameBOY/psp? If it can’t be compared to it’s main competitors, what can it be compared to?

Edit: Actually, believe it or not, the gamecube is faring almost as bad. The only release they have of note for a long time is the new Zelda. Looks like both these companies need to get off their ass and stop letting sony run over them.

(11/10/05) Harvest Moon: Poem of Happiness for World [Marvelous]
(11/10/05) Mario Party 7 [Nintendo]
(11/21/05) Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 4 [Tomy]
(11/23/05) One Piece: Pirates Carnival [Bandai]
(11/24/05) SSX On Tour with Mario [EA]
(11/26/05) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [EA]
(12/01/05) Crash Tag Team Racing [VU Games]
(12/01/05) SD Gundam Gashapon Wars [Banpresto]
(12/08/05) Bleach GC! Tasogare Ni Mamieru Shinigami [Sega]
(12/08/05) Densetsu no Quiz [Nintendo]
(12/08/05) Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (Budget Price) [Infogrames]
(12/15/05) Chicken Little [D3P]
(12/15/05) Konjiki no Gashbell: Go! Go! Mamono Fight!! [Bandai]
(12/15/05) Shadow the Hedgehog [Sega]
(12/22/05) Need for Speed Most Wanted [EA]
(XX/XX/06) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [Nintendo]
(XX/XX/06) Baten Kaitos 2 [Namco]
(XX/XX/06) Hoshi no Kirby [Nintendo]

Pretty sure Nintendo is focusing most of their talent on either the DS or Revolution at this point, with a few GBA games prinkled here and there. And the 360 is getting a lot more support than the original Xbox ever did, which is good cause the PS2 has already reached a certain saturation point in Japan. People are still going to buy its games more than anything else, but the 360 could easily worm its way into the developers’ and consumers’ minds while Sony tries to scramble the PS3 and its software together.

What with the previous head of the Final Fantasy making games for the 360, it will at least have some periods of high sales, like Team Ninja did making DOA and NG for the original.

Got my XBOX 360 in hand and SFAC/CvS2 do not play on it. No updates to make them playable are availible yet.

That’s a pretty naive view of the world you got there. Even if we ignore the technical issues involved, and boy howdy are there ever technical issues involved, it just is doubtful it will happen because of money. Emulating old games does not make them money. Selling new games does. Emulating old games costs money because of the developers needed to do the work. So, for every single game they have released on xbox, they have to decide if the popularity of that title is enough that emulating it on the xbox360 will help increase sales of the xbox360 enough that they will make money on new xbox360 games sold. After a very short period of time, when games get released with more frequency, emulating the old games will not help the market saturation, so there is no benefit for them to spend money on emulating old games, because it will not make them money in the long run.

In short, if it isn’t emulated RIGHT_GODDAMN_SOON, like within the next 6-8 months at longest, it will never be emulated at all. Just 'cause you want it to happen, doesn’t mean it will happen, no matter how patient you are.

Don’t forget everyone seems to hate 2D nowadays.

I didn’t read everything so please forgive me, if somebody asked this before.

Is there anything said about backwards compability concerning PS3 and 2D-fighting games?