No balances patches for this game please (not yet)

I just saw this article in the front page

Lots of comments on the article, youtube and facebook are calling it a problem and asking for it to get patched. I decided to create this thread to raise awareness of why is it too early for the community to ask for any type of balance patch. I can already see more tech being discovered within the next months that doesn’t agree with some of the newer players.
Over the past few years we have a seen a significant increase on the involvement of Capcom with the community, and while lots of us have different opinions on the subject, I’m sure we can all agree that Capcom DOES listen to the community. That’s why is very important for us to know what we’re asking for because we might get it.

Lets remember what happened with Sentinel getting a very early patch during vanilla MVC3. Most pro players even to this day agree that this nerf wasn’t really necessary, or imagine what would have happened if Dudley would have been patched when everyone thought he was going to be top tier in SSF4, it would have made him even worse, because he was never a top 3 character.

I believe the game should go untouched until EVO, and then maybe bring some balance changes for the next tournament season, but let us explore the game first, and have a real vision of how the game really plays like. History has shown us that we can find tech to beat even the most broken of characters (Phoenix), so nothing is too broken yet.

I’m using this piece of tech above as an example, but it applies to anything discovered withing the next few months.

Time for that famous Mike Z quote.

Totally agree with not needing early balance changes, and your perspective in general … and Mike Z is 1000% correct in the quote.

But in this specific case, does simply fixing a brain-dead infinite really hurt the game? This is not something you create counter-tech for … if I touch you I can initiate this infinite that, even if it doesn’t kill you, will make a comeback nearly impossible. I realize there are tons of examples of infinites that clearly didn’t ruin the game, and this doesn’t really ruin the game either, but if they can fix re-stand *without touching anything else *then I don’t see what the problem is.

The sentinel nerf can’t be compared to this. No one is saying, “RUN KAZUYA INTO THE GROUND HES TOO POWERFUL!” People just want to get rid of an infinite combo, which is fine. I’m fairly certain the game was designed to avoid situations like this, and that this combo isn’t intentional at all.

Someone didn’t read the sticky

OP plays Kazuya.

I know because I play Kazuya too and I like using infinites on people its fun.

I’m going to say patch it now for several reasons. First off I hate infinites, i hate them in every game and I feel they are broken, especially when they are as simple as this one with Kaz looks (haven’t tried it yet in the lab). Its not fair that you get 1 hit on me and suddenly I lose the round. There are some infinites that are harder to pull off ala Chun in SFIV. But if its as easy as it looks right here, it should not be there play the game without bugs and glitches.

Also with this game it does not mesh with with the gameplay. Unlike Marvel where infinites or near infinites were common, you still had 2/3 of your team left to possible get in and survive. In this one, if you lose 1 character you die thats it game over. You’re second character doesn’t even have to set foot in the match. This defeats the purpose of the tag function and also gives an unfair advantage to Kaz users and a disadvantage to all those characters that suffer from this infinite.

This is what I’m asking for. Remove all infinites in this game. That’s it. If balance patches come, then so be it and we deal with it.

I agree with this. You can’t really compare those nerfs to this proposed one, infinite’s need to go. When someones taken out of the fight for that long and can’t do anything to defend them self, it only hurts the game and it’s really painful to watch.

Rebalancing characters early on is a mistake, removing silly infinite combos which are clearly not intentional in the first place is a must.

Didn’t Ono say you could choose which version to play after a balance patch has been released? I assume that means we’ll be able to play vanilla forever.

We still don’t all the technology available to other characters.
What happens if it turns out that removing this takes away his only chance of being competitive.
We need more time before we can know if something has to be absolutely removed.

You could have made reasonable arguments as to why they should have banned Sentinel’s unblockeable in MVC2, but they didn’t and the game was still amazing.

If a gimmicky infinite is your only chance of being competitive, then theres something fundamentally wrong with your character and letting them keep that infinite is not healthy for the game.

I agree in marvel infinities make sense, and very few of them are easy to do.

In this it just seems asinine, I’m gonna see how easy it is to pull of tonight but it looks very simple.

My execution is dodgy as fuck, but even I can knock out 4-5 reps after 5 minutes of practice.

EDIT: After another 5 minutes, had Sagat fall out after 99 hits. If a player with Guile-level execution can knock this infinite out with no practice, it needs to go.

They could manage to remove the infinite in a way that doesn’t hurt Kazuya whatsoever. I recall a Fei-Long infinite in SSFIV that only worked on a few characters (I remember it worked on Juri for sure). Ono’s team managed to patch it out without hurting him at all, so, I believe they can do the same here. Kazuya is easily one of the better characters in the game, and, that was before we knew anything about the restand glitch. I doubt he was ever going to need this to make some noise in this game.

Lol. Kaz was hella good before we found this. And if a character needs an infinite to be good, they clearly need buffing in other areas.

Jin has the restand glitch too from what I hear.

Anything in paticular?

  1. I wouldn’t mind guard impact to juggle for more damage.

Should also buff up more of the chick characters because I’m getting bored using Howrang and Rolento all the time.

A. Nina’s light uppercut kick can be used as good anti air
B. Poison’s jumping kick hits crouching
C. Cammy’s spinning back fist hits crouching

Some other stuff, but who cares.

Kinda wondering if this held back content with a price on it, aka DLC is coming out before or after Ninja Gaiden 3 because hell, kinda feel like turning in this game. A few months from now there will probably be costume dlc, 15$ one each and a few months later another 15$ for the other half even though all this shit is already on the disc. Better gems for about $10 and more colors for another $10.

First why isn’t all this shit just in the marketplace and if it were in the marketplace already everyone else would bitch about it.

Updates are planned for the most part.

this game needs moar infinites

this isnt even that bad I dont even think its worth patching,there could be worse things this this