No Blazblue at EVO 2012

As posted in the Recent news articles, It is now confirmed Blazblue will not be hosted at Evolution to take place this year.

This decision has already caused a lot of anger within the Blazblue community (Who do not all reside on SRK) And personally, I think it’s shocking how Blazblue has been dropped for SFxT, A game that has not even been released yet, not to mention a game under intense scrutiny on SRK and countless FG boards across the internet.

MK9 also remains at EVO. I don’t need to elaborate.

This is not a flame, I will still watch EVO, But I would like to hear your opinions on this.

Blazblue last year generated a lot of hype for the series, Wolfkrone took an interest, EVO watched and people genuinely enjoyed it, It had the best Grand Final (IMO) That generated incredible levels of hype.

EVO, I am disappoint.

Edit, Relevant place to post this? I assumed this is correct as BB is assigned to the grey quarter by the Jarl of SRK.

When I was acting under the assumption that BB would be at Evo, I was tentatively planning to go and go 0-2 against some good players.

Now, I find it very unlikely that I will take the time off and spend the money to attend a tournament for a bunch of games I don’t play. Am I upset? Yeah, I guess, but I find it hard to argue with the numbers. Last year was really hype, but the number of entrants wasn’t very impressive.

Still, I am sad because by all reports, the top 8 performance at Evo got us some serious cred with Japanese BB players, and I was hoping to see more of them make the trip this year. =/


they made the decision based on current player turnouts for tournaments. The numbers basically told them this game is getting a very small amount of entrants on a consistant basis compared to other games.

I think it sucks too but it is what it is.

I dont really play either game (dabbled in MK9 for a little bit), but for what it is worth, BB is infinitely more interesting to watch than the snoozefest that is MK9.

I find MK almost physically painful to watch, just due to the jerky nature of the animation (Somehow, they preserved the “we have three frames of animation for each move because we digitized actors” feel from the older games even though they used 3D models. I’d commend them if I didn’t think it was so fugly. :P)

There isn’t much in this year’s official lineup that I can actually watch, honestly.

To be honest, it’s nobody’s fault but the community’s. The netcode is too good and as a result most players don’t go out to the tournaments. I’m not surprised that this game wouldn’t be in the line up this time around.

Of course EVO wants to make money, but removing it entirely?!

It’s sad how a game that gets so much love and attention from the developers and the community is just thrown aside. I get the assumption that many SF Players look at it (Including some big names) and just think “LOL TOO ANIME” Without giving the game a chance what so ever. EVO and the FGC has gone down a tiny bit in my books.

I’d just like justification for MK9 staying up there when it is the Anti-Hype at EVO. Stream monsters hated it, Low Viewers, Lower than Blazblue?

Ah well, You have to make the FGC look as manly as possible these days and keep in Gimmicks: The game.

Ack, Angry.

Guess people don’t want to support a company that supports their community/players and would rather dick ride capcom. Go figure.

Evo seems to give one slot to ‘alternative games’, and so if it was Blazblue OR KOF, it’d be interesting to see a different title get a shot.

My problems with EVO are not with the Fact its not on the big list anymore (Even though that still pissed me off)

It’s just they removed it entirely from the event, Extend will be out by then, The new combos and new technology would be been so hype, Even in a side booth somewhere.

But we live in a world where money talks, and EVO needs money to keep going. So taking it’s rightful place on Capcoms bitch list seems appropriate.

Shoutouts to KoF though. That should be incredible.

It’s not that Extend won’t be happening at EVO in general, it’ll just be side tourney like a LOT of others.

If you really want to make a difference then show up anyway and hype it up!

Not just for EVO but for any tourney/major running this game.

I always thought they should include something on the SRK to allow people to register ‘official side’ tournaments, to make it easier for people to set up and do that kind of thing… seems like it wouldn’t be that much programming work at all.

If I were part of this community I would try to form a side tournament with the community heads, and then contact evo staff at a possibility of doing grand finals on the main stage.

Agreed. But I just can’t get my head around keeping MK9. I can remember seeing the number plummet whenever it came on.

More people must of attended IRL I guess.

Unless your tourny is gettin promoted and or streamed on a wide basis and is having more then 120 entrants at most majors then your game will likely NOT be at EVO. Its sucks i was considering playing blazblue but now that its not gonna be taken seriously at the bigges FG tourny on the planet then it kills the purpose for me. Mortal Kombat and Bore fighter 4: pocket malest edition both should NOT be at EVO no offence to the players of those games

I’ve just come to the conclusion that if it isn’t Capcom. It’s shit.

Individuality and Alternative games for the smaller segment of the community?

“Yeah, Over the dark corner with your neckbeard weaboo friends”

1/2 the games on the lineup aren’t by Capcom…don’t be stupid.

Pretty much this.
Instead of bitching and moaning about your game not being in the EVO lineup…shut up and show up to the scenes.
Show that the Blazblue community still can make a strong showing in local and major tournaments, and bring it back in 2013.

STFU with your UMVC3 teams in your signature…

thanks alot mr wizard :frowning: