No Blazblue at Evo?

There was no Blazblue?

Continuum Shift was at the BYOC section


I’d guess there was no formal BlazBlue competition since Evo fell square in the middle of the transition period from Calamity Trigger to Continuum Shift for all the best players. Hoping for one next year since by that point the game should be out in all regions and everyone will have had plenty of time with the new characters (Mu+DLC) and the balance patch.

Okay. Cool. Thanks!

The story is that when the podcast was live that night and they announced Blazblue, there was slight confusion as no one knew which version, then Wiz said Calamity Trigger.

Dustloop raged and tons of e-mails were sent to arcsys. Why are we being forced to play a dead game when there is another game you are currently in the process of location testing? When will the game be out? Will it be console released? Will you give us a date?

Arcsys said nothing of this, and went on about their merry ways. This turned into the old T5.5 or the whole GGAC situation where the game at EVO wasn’t current with the actual version of the game at the present.

Wiz put it to Dustloop, to come up with a solution. And Dustloop had a giant arguement mainly between California and New York vs the other 48 states that didn’t have Blazblue on an arcade cabinet.

California and New York won, and thus CT was knocked off the main game list because it wasn’t hype enough when a new game was right around the corner.

CS was announced for JP console release in plenty of time, but because Arcsys didn’t tell us, we couldn’t tell Wiz. And no Blazblue main game at EVO 2010.