So im going to evo. Real shit son. I got like 4 months. Im running Sagat, tho its only been like 2 days. What are th emost important areas to work on given the short time span?


Main or sub ? If sub, what are the specific matchups you’ll sub him ?
If main, any prior tournament xp with another char ?

Rule of thumb when picking up Sagat is learn to TS. Essential and powerful tool, misusing it will cost you so many rounds.

Anyway, good luck and I’ll cheer any Sagat on stream !


Main. I as of recent play cammy and cody.


So you know the game, combos/footsies should be a given. Don’t waste time on setups/combo videos. Sagat is made for solid play.

TS training it is. Throw them and feel them. Then, strats. This forum has a lot of resources.

And also, tournament situation training should be in order: IRL play whenever you can get it (money match if possible), noisy environments, straight chairs (no couch/armchair), put yourself in nerve-wracking situations as much as possible.