No Cammy match up, anywhere

Why is that there’s no ryu vs cammy match up guide anywhere? Not just srk, but just anywhere on the Internet. Not even a small discussion of how to play against her.

So can anyone shed some light on the cammy match up? I know it’s a hard match and all I’ve been told so far is to not quick get up on knock down.

Sure, I can give you some advice BUTTTTTT my friends always laugh at me when I say I’m better at blocking Cammy because of all her unblockables. Here are some important tips for the Ryu vs Cammy matchup.

Cammy has a lot of frame traps, therefore one of your friends in this matchup needs to be learning the cr.MP, crouching tech. Which is just hitting tech plus medium punch. If she grabs you tech, if not, youre MP comes out. But the issue with this is, with her tiger knee air ex cannon strike, she will frame trap you when you try to tech or mp and then you either eat a massive combo or she ultras or knocks you down and her vortex begins.

On blocking: As you mentioned, you dont want to quick rise. Also, unless you’re in the corner, it is extremely hard and rare to cross up with her air cannon spike at midscreen, therefore, unless she is doing the cross up light (which her jump is slow and you should have time to block); You almost always want to block backwards. The only time at midscreen you generally need to worry is on a backthrow, and then she will dash (twice?) i forget.

On DP: You absolutely need to establish your dp game. Therefore in the air, when cammy is going for her air cannon strike, you need to react and DP it. This is important to keep her from jumping in, and usually you wanna use MP so that it doesnt trade unless you’re in the corner with your U1.

On fireball/hado spacing: Your fireball and hado game needs to be freakishly good in this game, because to be honest if she has bar she can just ex cannon drill right through your fireball and if she has U1 then any dash will = you getting ultra and probably losing LOL. You need to make sure your hado are basically used as pokes/spacing to dp but if she has U1 forget about it unless your hado is EXTREMELY unpredictable which honestly risk reward is not worth it.

Things to learn to help the matchup: If you get spacing properly you can be in a pocket where you can punish her whiffed crouching poke ( i think) with either sweeps which is advised or at least Hado’s. Cammy you CAN safe jump her and alot of the time cammy because she has a great backdash, you can option select her into either ultra or AT LEAST with cr.lp xx sweep. Be careful when she has two meter for her cannon spike FADC. Learn option selects and safe jumps on her will really help.

General punishes: Most of the time your safe jumps and her ground cannon drill/spikes are going to be the two main things you punish. If you can punish her air cannon with MPxxFADC (on reaction) ultra that should be a priority. Otherwise, if she misses any of the other moves, you can push the cannon spike with sweep into safe jump or if you’re lucky Solar Plexus into combo. Otherwise, the cannon drill you usually punish with either cr.mpxxcr.hpxxHP.SRK or otherwise the fadc to ultra or if you want sweep, MPxxMPxxSweep which you follow up with safe jumps…



Its because its too damn difficult to face cammy…
Do not get knocked down… Move in and out of her max range poke. Every time u see her move forward, thats the best time to go for a fireball poke. . Watch out for dp baits ( where she crosses up and do a dive kick to make dp whiff).

Max range - build meter
Mid range - in and out , use your st and cr mid kick, whiff punish her and and use smart fireballs.
Close range - she has frame traps, you have too so make sure you have the upper hand. If she is more skilled than you at close range, gtfo. Remember, do not get knocked down especially get back thrown.

When you get knocked down… If shes a good cammy, basically reversal dp is useless. Like the post above, almost all dive kicks do not cross up . But most of the time if u get downed, ryu is dead meat.

Summary: dont get knocked downed against her, it will cost you the round.
Reference: laugh vs banaban… Round1 was just 1 knock down from cammy then ryu lost his lead and the round.

Thanks for the tips my dudes, I really appreciate it. I ask because I having a feeling I’ll be running into Cammys at tournaments. As for crouch teching with cr.MP that’s gonna be tough for me. I play on pad and my layout is Controller type B so as I’m teching with my thumb, I dont have a finger to hit MP.

Cammy has an unblockable on ryu off a backthrow. It’s backthrow, whiff into If you try to frame-perfectly block it then I think you have to block it hitting the front. All uppercuts will whiff. I think might be an escape, but you’ll probably get hit while it’s whiffing. This makes getting throw as bad a proposition as getting counter hit into combo.

Uppercuts are almost universally a bad idea off any knockdown, since most competent cammys can position divekicks to make uppercuts whiff.

I play both characters and understand how retarded this matchup is. You literally have to save bar for EX DP since the chance that EX Cannon Strike will trade with your regular DPs is quite high.

You want to play footsies, but very careful footsies. Any decent Cammy player will play footsies and try to land a crouching medium kick OS cannon strike to begin the knockdown 50/50 setups. Crouching Medium Kick and fireballs are your best friends here, not to mention crouching roundhouse since you need to be able to whiff punish.

Most cannon strike setups will not allow cammy to crossup. However, her grab setups (whether unblockable or 50/50) really is annoying to deal with. Despite that, it’s not as bad as hitting buttons and getting counter hit EX Cannon Strike into 300+ damage all day long. Don’t hit many buttons. Enough to get her to push buttons and frame trap you, but not enough so that she’d be capable of consistently landing EX Cannon Strike. Good luck.