No character feels right

I’ve read the how to pick a character guide and been to the training room for a bit now. I’ve gone through all the characters, but I can’t seem to find one that clicks with me. Initially I thought it would be Juri because I was doing well with quarter circle characters when I first picked up the game. I was having problems zoning with her so I dropped her and attempted to move on to Cody, who gave me some problems. I thought Dudley would be a good fit, but alas, no. So I’ve been in the training room with Ryu day in and day out. I don’t feel he fits me either. I’d like to find a character whom I can rushdown if needed but mainly play defensive and punish. All the characters look great when I watch people play but they just don’t need to work out for me. I also HATE half circles! Can anyone help me out with a character that might fit with what I’m looking for? Thanks :slight_smile:

Was about to say Rose but you said hate half circles… hmmm lemme get back to you actually

How about Sagat or my personal favorite to play Akuma? and if you can play charged characters the pick Guile in my opinion Guile has one of the best defensive game ever and rush down is pretty solid if you can rush and still hold a charge


If you can charge try guile, if you can’t then try sagat… but if you can’t link or focus with Ryu this might notwork for you.
no :hcf: motions… how about 360’s?
I have a friend with surprising success with Zangief… get in and churn butter.

edit- uhm… yeah, what they said above me.

Wow, that was quick. Thankyou all so much for the suggestions! I’ll give Sagat a try immediately! I like the SRK community, you guys are awesome :slight_smile:

i think i can do 360’s but im not sure. my main problem is (and im working on it) is double motions. Ill put in the first half circle, quarter, 360, ect correctly, but the 2nd one always gets input incorrectly and ill end up doing an EX version. Anyway, with that in mind, I’ll also continue learning the game with Ryu and try Zangief once I improve my execution skills :slight_smile: Thanks for your input i appreciate it! ^^

If i practice my half circles, do you think Rose would be a good fit as well? I’ll try Akuma and Guile as well, thankyou :slight_smile:

Try Oni

yeah I would have suggested sagat too

DeeJay should be a good charge-character alternative. But yeah, Sagat is the way to go if you really want QC characters.

EDIT: Chun might also be good. You’ll learn half cirkels in no time.

I think Balrog fits you perfect. Is a charge char. (no quarter c.), great defence+punish, but also can rush down. He is also a powerful but not that dificult to learn character.

Rushdown if needed, can zone well and does so mainly plus you hate half circles or other strange motions? Juri. Gouken could also fit.

I’ve felt this way before too. Before you try to make any further decisions, I strongly recommend that you attempt to fully acknowledge the following.

There are only three possibilities here:
A) You have misunderstood how one or more of the characters function in terms of objectives, strategies, tactics.
B) You lack the knowledge or experience to properly understand how the game itself works.
C) This particular fighting game is not for you.

I’m serious about this! You will save yourself a lot of time and headache if you can first determine which of those three categories you fit into.

thankyou all for the suggestions, ill try them all asap :smiley:

I think if I had to put myself into one of the prelabled categories you’ve provided, it’d be A. I havent really throughly read up on each character of choice (ones I had in mind before) Maybe even B, but not C. Street Fighter is kind of like a blank canvas, in such a way its for everyone, i suppose ^^;

I’m afraid you cannot be satisfied then. Firmly decide on a character and play them for a couple of months. Learn these characters to a fair degree before you decide they are not for you.

There’s more, but it’s not nice.

D) You have a poor understanding of the game, and do not realize what will get you what you want but are instead waiting for some fairytale magic to happen. Until then, you are seeking justifications from an internet forum for decisions you’ve already made.

This might possibly help you as well.

xD i think that would be a combination of B and C in a way lol
EDIT: Other than that I understand the game fairly well, but i’ve decided to start anew a change the way I play. I’ve learned quite a few things I didn’t know before :slight_smile:

Play another FG? :confused:

please dont answer with that, its already been addressed.