No chaser: Criminals get years instead of booze for crime


I know they deserve some time, but 30 years? MANDATORY?!? :wtf: what is up with that?

I guess if he wants that drink, he better learn how make some vodka with the toilet water.



Be careful what you wish for because now he’ll get as many stiff drinks as he can handle in prison.


he’s gonna be drinking alright, but it won’t be Dat Patron. More like…DEEZ NUTZ!!



The sentence was especially harsh because their modus operandi reminded the judge of White Chicks.


That was so funny how they got caught.

Oh wait that shitty website didnt report on how they got caught. 4/10 terrible article writer. And seriously a margarita? You’re gonna make the last drink of the next 30 years a lightweight drink? And that sentence is a bit excessive. I feel like 10 shouldve been the maximum.


I bet your dick hole I can make you a margarita that will have you home, in your girl’s panties, professing your love to her while masturbating. All done via Skype.


Like I need a Margarita to do that.