No clue how to work with templates and PS

I recently got a mayflash, and am reskinning the top. I’ve got like 3 images I’m wanting to print out and try on the stick. It’s easy enough, since the top 4 buttons are gone (moved to the front of the stick, like a TE), and I’m only using 6 of the actual buttons (the 6 to the most right #s 6,7,8,2,3, and 4).

However, I lack the knowledge on how to take a pic and apply it to a template, so that I can get it printed at Kinkos. If somebody could donate a little time, or point me towards a walk-through, that’d help a lot.

If somebody’s interested in helping, I can link the images here.

That’s where all the Photoshop gurus hang out. You might have some better luck asking for help in there.

Thanks man. Yeah, I came across and went through it, but was just concerned at the size, didn’t know if the PS gurus checked on it.

edit: scratch that, template is bad (a proper dpi isn’t specified), gonna look for a better one and write new instructions for it

Awesome. That’s gotten me pretty far. My main issue is that the art I’m using is white, and so…I can’t see the buttonholes or edges. So much thanks, I’m on standby. Great explanations.

Alright, this template should be a lot easier to work with: Don’t use the template I linked to earlier, it is bad and when you go get it printed out it will be 2.5x larger than it should be

Paste your artwork beneath the two layers. Same procedure as before, but you won’t need to magic wand anything this time, and the button holes are on a different layer from the borders so there’s no chance of erasing any of the white border on accident. Button holes are black just for you.

If you need to change the white border to black, simply select the White Borders layer and press Ctrl+I.

When you go get it printed out, be sure to tell the clerk to print it out at 300 dpi. The file itself will say it wants to be printed out at 300 dpi, but I’ve heard of people at Kinko’s still somehow messing it up and giving you your template back on six pages of paper

Awesome. Is there a way I can switch the border to black as well, since I’m working with a white piece? And if I understand correctly, you said this one has the right dpi, so when I print it it’ll be to scale for the pad, right?

Damn. One step ahead of me on your edit. You’re awesome. I’ll post pics so you can see what you helped with!

My thanks on the template help, this is how it’s turned out, I’ll prolly make minor adjustments, but unless my friend shoops me a Morrigan skin, this is how she’ll be.

this thread actually has been quite helpful for me as well.

thanks for the top about the dpi, one of my files didn’t have the right dpi and was giving me trouble