No control over my stick

I’ve been a Zangief player for all of Street Fighter 4 and Super, and I’d say I was decent, about 4kpp, but I’ve decided to pick up a new main and I chose viper. I just didn’t like having a character with so many unwinnable matchups. I know it will take months to learn her, but I’m up to the task.

Playing Zangief, while helping my footsies, mixups, and overall thinking aspect of the game, his execution requirement was pretty low. Now with Viper, I’m struggling to even do her most basic things.

I know a sj burn kick is down down back up forward, kick, but when I try to do the motion my inputs are comical. I’m talking like down, down back, up, down, forward. Any advice from any of you guys that were this bad to start? I have a 2 month break coming up with no job or school, and I’m going to be in training mode with her 10+ hours a day, but I can’t even get started with her because of how comically bad and unfluid my motions are. I’d love some suggestions on how to get her basics down.

I know there are tons of threads out there on the joystick movements for a bk, but I simply can’t input them. Is there a starting point I should be going from? Should I just practice the motion over and over? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Practice Practice Practice! Nothing comes easy with Viper, but eventually it comes to you and it’ll pay off

Just go into Training mode and practice the inputs over and over again. It’s the only way to get anything memorized in your muscles from the simplest of links and cancels to the most complex of combos and resets.

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you’re in the wrong forums, dude.

Consider your choice in character first - Viper has no life compared to a tank like Gief, and her vortex is very easily disrupted by a reversal move, or a retardedly good anti-air normal. You will not be winning the matches that you couldn’t win with Gief as Viper. If you don’t mind that, and you’re seriously willing to dedicate those 10 hours each and every day for 2 months on execution alone - mind you, mind games and mixups come AFTER the execution - just so you can play a fragile rushdown character that loses to random stuff, then please do ask on this thread again. I will break everything down to the core so it’s super easy to understand. Otherwise, just go play Ryu or Ken.

With that said, if you’re still interested in playing as Viper, please don’t jump straight into high-execution stuff. Learn her BnBs, learn her combos, learn her normals, jumpins, simple mixups using throw/bk/tk, get used to dying, THEN start practicing the harder stuff. Instant BKs are not easy - they’re easy once you get into the habit of doing it, but they’re not easy to pick up.

Thanks for the response and advice, and yea, I know switching to Viper won’t make my matchups easier, but I’m excited for the challenge of learning her. I would love if you’d helped breakdown learning her for me and would definitely appreciate it.


Just got to get better at rubbing your stick, shaft and ball more. :arazz: