No Cross Posting


Just wondering why this didn’t happen? If you like posting at SRK, but like playing VF why wouldn’t people post the info from there (assuming you give proper credit) and have a discussion here. I saw it in one or two threads but even then it was sparse.

I’m assuming the ads here were past of the reason and people giving up because they don’t understand the engine.


The ads here are a problem. Lately I’ve been having a problem getting into the forum area of SRK which is really annoying because I don’t want to go to the homepage.
It could be that the VF5FS section is hidden away and low rent. I mean skullgirls and MK have character specific sections rather than just a bunch of threads.

Also who doesn’t understand the engine? How is that possible? I’ve yet to see the wonky kinds of shit I experience in Capcom fighters in VF. If something happens that makes confuses me I can usually recreate it and figure out what happened and why and what I can do the next time to avoid/prevent/punish/whatever. Not only that, those situations don’t turn into well sometimes this happens and sometimes that happens the more I test them in VF. In 3S it sometimes feels like I have to guess at a probability that this thing will occur more than these other things. This doesn’t happen in VF. Virtua Fighter is reliable. It doesn’t make me pray or guess even when I’m not guessing or praying.

I guess I can understand people not liking the engine. I still see lots of people walking in VF and I scratch my head.


I mean simple stuff like people don’t about the dash priority in the game, when and where to apply the defensive option selects Kb the game, the pace of the game (it isn’t slow), etc.


You browse SRK without an adblock app? o_O

I think the recent sale of the game on Live saw a lot of new players. Hopefully they will stick around, but of course, plenty of people on there still don’t really use forums much. That may change now that 360 has IE…