No Evil Ryus at 2k11?

I was hoping to see him there. To me, Evil Ryu is just Akuma Plus. Seeing him in the tournament would have been a treat, and a properly trained Evil Ryu would have been an awe-inspiring facestomper. So what happened? Where did all the Evil Ryu players go? =O

There are non who actually use him in tournies, only Mr. Naps… besides no one is going to enter a tournament with a character that doesnt know all of their matchups

And yet there were a few Onis, and they gladly walked into getting their ass beat despite being apparently inferior to Evil Ryu. (I’m sure Oni is better than people used him, but it sure didn’t look that way this year >_<)

All I’m saying is that Evil Ryu would have made for a great showing. I say Tokido should switch to Evil Ryu for next year’s Evo. His Akuma is looking mighty pale against all the Yun players XP

Evil Ryu won’t survive in tournies. He needs some serious buffs.

You gotta fix Evil Ryu’s Specials first.

No one picks him, so you didn’t see him. Since you didn’t see him played by anyone really good, E.Ryu’s can’t be lazy asses and copy peoples technology at EVO. Hence the bitching in the posts above.

Work on your evil ryu! The point of him is to hit you once and kill you. His LK tatsu reset can do 3 quarters damage to the whole cast.

If you haven’t seen it :

Dash unders only work in corner or when you are very close to the opponent. Does not work when using multi hits to hit confirm unless in corner. No decent player is going to let you dash under him all day, and hell, even players mashing reversal dragon punch can auto-correct and stuff you out of it.

Not to mention the player has to be standing for this to work, otherwise you are forced to connect a close or crouching HP before the LK tatsu.

Just got back from Vegas, I repped Evil Ryu at EVO. Went 2-2, but I’m ashamed to admit that I gave up on the guy in my last match. Faced a Gen and after losing the first match, I switched back to my old main, Ken. I tied it 1-1 and was winning the last round of the last match until the other guy made a good comeback. I later played him in casuals and stuck with Evil Ryu and won 2-0. Yeah, I definitely questioned myself after that but what’s done is done. But I also did decent in casuals against a number of other players and faced Toxy and I think I surprised him with some things that he hasn’t seen before from Evil Ryu.

I did record my matches, but I did horrible. I was dropping everything but still managed to win a couple of games thankfully.

Evil ryu’s hasnt been out that long. And the people who played Yun played him in 3rd strike, and Yun really hasn’t changed that much. Notice there were really no Oni’s either.

These are all things that can stop it. But finding set-ups and ways to get it to work easily are the name of the game. Don’t just give up because of theory fighter telling you shit won’t hit ever. I have a (douchebag) friend who told me other friend that Akuma’s overhead would never hit him in a match because he can react to it. He got hit by it 4 times that game. Sorry if I seem corny I just hate the feeling of “why even try”.

His high risk/reward gameplay just ends up looking far more risky on a competitive level. When you know you can do better on a character that doesn’t get blown up in a single combo or has tools to get out of sticky situations, E. Ryu pretty much gets shoved to the sidelines.
It might be unfair, but when E. Ryu starts looking very risky on paper compared to anyone else you can use effectively, you’re not going to test that out in the middle of a competition.

Then again we’re pretty early with E. Ryu. I’m just waiting for someone to get their hands on him and show us something crazy.

As for the cross-under tatsu reset, it’s definitely powerful, but it’s still a 50/50. Like other resets, it can still blow up in your face. It’s also character-specific out of the corner.

I agree with Pongboom for the most part.

Some of you think Evil Ryu isn’t competitive? I guess that depends on your definition of competitive. Evil Ryu accels at punishing mistakes and should always be respected, especially with two ex bars. A character that carries that sort respect is my definition of competitive.

Great job Rice Eater, I think it is always wise to keep multiple characters in stock. The game has evolved as such. Even I play 4 other characters and I’m just beginning to master Fei Long for my personal worst match ups. I still rep Evil Ryu 95% of the time at the arcades and dedicate most of my training room to him.

I repped him at Evo, but I didn’t make it out of my pools. Sorry guys =(