"No fighter" but: Chrono Trigger Fan Art

Hi Gang!

I recently made this fan art of a favorite SNES game called Chrono Trigger for it’s 10th Anniversairy.

Comments on the line work, coloring and style are most welcome!


Thank you!
Luis AKA GB!
CTResurrection Team

Whoa, nice coloring. Is Magus missing his legs?

No it was intended to! but good point.

nice! i love me some chrono art. few things you can do to juice this up is fix chrono’s sword by giving it a bit more handle and turning the blade so the edge is facing us more.excellent work, great details, cool colors, you’ve done the game justice!

Could be cool, thanks for the comments!

Hey GB this is really good man! Some awesome CT fanart.

Here are a few things I see that you could watch for next time around when composing another picture:

First let’s talk about the green area of my draw over. This represent better counter lining. See how the staff and sword now counter each other? Keeps the balance adn shape making more interesting.

Red area represents shape making. Right now his headband is tangent on his gun. Cut it shorter so we can see the shape of his headband better. The other one would be his sword running into the other guys arm. Maybe switch the position of the sword to the other arm so it wouldn’t run into other objects.

Blue area represents light source. Right now you have two light sources that can kick the eye back and forth. Either make the sun brighter or make it darker compared to the light you have at the bottom right hand corner.

The guy at the left hand side doesn’t really feel like he’s part of the group by his position. Maybe change it up to make him stand closer to them.

Overall very very good work and i hope to see more in the future. Take it easy.


Thank you SFMC for your pointers.

As professionnal I agree with your aproach, but it is simply a matter of perspective. Manny of those were intended to be that way and then some, but the composition could be better thats true.

I’ll try and do a better one next time.

I am curious to see your artwork’s as well, could you share some :karate:

Take care!

He believes it’s his duty to critique everyone’s art…unfortunately even when it’s not
needed—especially in your case. When I first saw this, I was like: YEEEEEEEAHHHH!
It’s tight man (as I’m also a HUGE FFT fan). Fucking brilliant man. Must have more.


I like it a lot, but I’d do some stuff different. I’d draw Magus more girly, Chrono’s hair would be bigger, frog be more froggy, and Robo would be rounder.

It makes me want to draw a picture of the cast.

There’s always room for improvement. Any constructive critique should be welcomed, even if it’s not needed.

Bro this pic is aight. Looks like a bootleg anime stlyle though. you gots like 3 characters facing in the same direction just to add on. Like a fun pack of chips, get some variety going.

very nice job GB!
I never played Chrono Trigger, so I have no idea who all these ppl are… but it all looks pretty good :slight_smile:

Na it’s not my duty to go through all threads and crit everyones work. It’s that everyone is used to giving each other crits that we automatically crit without the poster asking.

Well since he didn’t ask for one I won’t crit anyones work anymore unless it is wanted. Peace and good work GB.

Looks cool, man. CT was my ownage back in middle school.

Let’s not hate on SFMC for critiquing. Having your work critiqued is a privelage, and a compliment. It mean’s “I like what you have going on and I think you have potential to push it up even more. Here’s some tips that might help.”

Very true.

SFMC gives fair crit, with no bashing or put-downs. In fact GB did ask for comments, so I don’t see why Korinthyan is all up in arms abt it.