No Great Japanese Elena and Sean SPECIALISTS?

This game is so explored and developed that we have many great and famous Japanese players for every character, except for Elena and Sean.
Sure there are high level Elena players such as Sei and Ikego, but they are not at a ‘superstar level’ like the players below.
For the rest of the cast, there are already AT LEAST ONE superstar-tier player for each character:

Alex: Genki, KSK
Chun Li: MOV, Nuki
Dudley: Kokujin, Fujiwara
Gouki: Yuki Otoko
Hugo: YSB, Hayao
Ibuki: Aruka, Higa
Ken: Deshiken, Daigo
Makoto: Boss, J
Necro: Sugiyama, PinoAB7
Oro: Thanatos
Q: TM, Kuroda
Remy: Pierrot
Ryu: Vanao
Twelve: Yamazaki
Urien: RX
Yang: KO
Yun: Ochibi, Yakkun

Elena: Still awaiting a specialist
Sean: Still awaiting a specialist

Most of the listed above have done some great feats like winning big tournaments.
We are still awaiting someone who would play and stick to Elena and do what Pierrot has done with Remy, and what Thanatos has done to Oro… what Sugiyama has done to Necro, etc.

Some players who main Sean eventually give in and just switch over to Ryu…
Even if the Sean player rarely gets wins over the other top players, he can still become like what Yamazaki is.

There’s a sean player called sean.
I think Kuroda may have a good un.

Sean P? He plays Ken these days.

And Kuroda’s specialty is arguably Q, but he’s good with pretty much the whole cast.

Pretty sure I saw KO with a 9th Dan Elena.

CASA is #1 Elena
Yai Wing is also very good

You’re right there are no ‘superstar’ level Elena players.However there are lots of solid Elenas players who I’ve seen hanging with the top tiers in the video thread.KO beasts with her from time to time.I’ve seen a few other videos of top players using her aswell.

I would have thought there would be more Elena specialists out there though.Her SAII is Chun status,she also has crazy EX combos and good pokes.

I would say there is no hope for Sean,Tokido used him for a bit I think.No one has really pushed him to the limit.He does have some strength and gimmicks but he got so utterly nerfed in his transition to 3rd strike from 2nd Impact that he just seems a bit pointless.

I’m still hoping for a special Sean vs top tier tournament though,just like that Ryu vs Dudley only tournament that was held ages ago.

we need a sean only tourney!

KO’s Elena is pretty beastly. I’d consider him to be a specialist.

oh yai wing is top tier

I have a sean tutorial in mah superguide.

I know you’re a troll, but I’ll bite anyway.
The top Elena is a Japanese player named Orona. He has the most consistent win ratio and has been to SBO several times. Rikimaru also called him out as the top Elena.
Next after him is probably Ikego.

I don’t see what makes Ikego “not superstar level”. The fact that he doesn’t have as many videos out? His win ratio is just as good as guys like YSB.

I think this thread should be updated. I’ve decided not to get too hung up on the best all-time players for each character, cos it’s hard to be sure they’re still that good if they’re not active.

Alex: KSK - most recent in tourneys, followed by Genki and Kazuya as fairly recent
Chun Li: Koshun and King Raoh (does MOV even PLAY outside of tourneys like SBO, these days? :frowning: )
Dudley: Aike/Aiku and Dan
Gouki: Boss is the most recent, best Akuma? I think Uraken’s back to stay…?!
Hugo: YSB
Ibuki: Higa
Ken: Matsuken and Nuki
Makoto: Boss and Mimora
Necro: Sugiyama, Uni and Yakkun
Oro: ANY Oros lately?!
Remy: Pierrot
Ryu: Vanao
Twelve: Moto’s most recent, I think
Urien: RX
Yang: Furo and Tokura
Yun: Ochibi, Yakkun and Nitto (if he doesn’t stay rusty…He was INSANE in his prime…)

Alex: I don’t think KSK or Kazuya have been playing much. Genki should be in Canada by now, if I remember correctly.
Chun: Nuki, Rikimaru
Ryu: Ruu
Yang: How could you forget Kenzo (KO)?

Don’t have anything else to say about the other characters.

ikego is really sick, he uses all the supers, when i played him and saw him play at game versus he was pretty amazing

Oh, well, I’m not sure if he’s still focusing on Yang. He was dabbling in Elena zaniness and then seemed to go back to Makoto. Ruu is here and there. I need to check which characters everyone’s using in the qualifier’s matches. I thought KSK was in some recent matches that were linked a few days ago, that were originally from the GamersVision ustream channel.