No Green bars



As of about a week or so ago I haven’t seen a single green bar connection online. Only see yellow and below. I even went out and bought a D-Link DGL-4100 gaming router (my previous router is like 6 years old and was going out anyways) and still no green bars.
Yes, the correct ports are forwarded on my router.
I can’t seem to find a cause for this. I’m thinking maybe the issue is on Capcom’s side???

Anyone else having this issue or noticed this?


I reside in the same general area and have noticed this as well.

I directly connect my modem to my box, and figured there must have been a degradation in line quality so I phoned my ISP.

Nothing was found to have changed on their end.


Who is your ISP? If you don’t mind me asking.


Are you using the “G” series wireless adaptor on your xbox?