No HDMI on the PS3

There’s no Video when my nephew hooked the PS3 though HDMI on his Dad’s HDTV, AV works on it

when i plugged my ps3 in via hdmi it popped up on the screen and asked me if i wasnt to use it.

You have to reset the video signal if you’re changing the output type.

Hold the reset button down and wait for two series of beeps, it will reset the video signal and once you turn it on you should see something asking if you want to use optimum settings.

ah yeah thats right.

yeah just turn it off, then while turning it on, hold it down for a while til it pops up on the screen.

I’m going to there next monday so I’ll find out what’s the problem…

Also I hate playing the PS3 in AV though his Dad’s HDTV, Is there any sites I could give him to explain the differnt between AV & HDMI

Why don’t you just show him personally with the tv?

Go to the menu, Display settings, set it to HDMI…

What do you mean by explain the difference? It’s just a higher resolution…

Keep AV and HDMI cables plugged in, and toggle between both to show him the different picture quality, you will need to quit any active game to change it.

Not just that, it’s either interlaced or progressive scanned.

Plus, AV often has chroma (color) noise. Compare something with a moire pattern and he’ll see the light.

BTW, HDMI can be used with any resolution, but I don’t think the PS3 will send 480i over HDMI; it’s 480p or higher. Even at 480p, there is an improvement over AV due to the lack of chroma noise and a cleaner signal overall.

I tried everything nothing is working…I don’t know if it’s the PS3