No headphone jack on TV, how to get sound?


I bought a TV (LG 55LX9500) a few weeks ago and slapped myself when I found out it has no headphone jack…
Almost all of my gametime is when my kid/wife is sleeping so I can’t have the TV sound on.
I spent nearly 300$ to buy a Sennheiser RS170 headphone when they were released so buying new headphones is something I only want to do as a last resort.

My problem is finding a way to get game sound from my xbox360(or ps3) and it is driving me crazy…
would really appreciate it if anyone has a solution to this.


Buy one of the turtle beach audio cables here:

You then need a female-female stereo adapter, which I believe they sell at radio shack.

What would I be connecting to what and where with that lol :xeye:

iirc the TV only has an optical audio out and a SCART jack but since it’s wallmounted the SCART isn’t an option for me
Then it just has a shitload of audio/video in…

You take the RCA plugs, and put it into the TV’s audio(you may want to leave it unplugged if you don’t want sound from the TV, but you could always turn the volume all the way down) and then put the stereo 1/8 inch plug into the female-female stereo adapter and plug the headphones into the other side. The only downside is that this would be audio straight from the console with no interference so this could be pretty loud, or it could be really quiet. You may then want to invest in a cheap headphone amplifier so you can control the volume of the headphones. I would just purchase the cheap Fiio E5 Headphone Amplifier For a decent volume control and leave it constantly plugged into the USB to power it without worrying about battery.

Mixamp - optical out on your xbox to the mixamp, to headphones.


This topic looks kinda familiar…

Assuming you have sound separate from the SCART cable, ExtremeYoshiFan’s advice is mostly sound, but I have a couple of things to add to it:

If you’re going to buy an adapter cable, I’d recommend something that has all female connectors to begin with kinda like this instead of using a gender changing coupler. That way your cable setup doesn’t get too complicated and you have fewer connection points to degrade the signal.

On one side you plug in your headphones and the red/white cables from your console into the corresponding ends on the other. (Red to red, white to… black? A bit nonstandard but meh.)

If you don’t have sound separate from SCART, this won’t work tough.

In that case you may want to consider a budget surround sound system with an a/v receiver or some sort of external sound card. Then you could just plug the Digital Optical or HDMI cables from your PS3 and T.V. into the receiver and have direct access to a 1/4" headphone jack (they make 1/8"-1/4" adapters, your headphones may’ve even come with one) when you need it.

Granted, finding room for a surround sound system isn’t exactly easy…

I simply had the coupler as an option, I personally would pump the signal through a headphone amp instead because it will allow to alter the volume, you know how some games run fine at a certain volume, well another is excruciatingly loud. You want some sort of volume control where you can both raise and lower the volume of the audio. An astro mixamp would be the ideal solution, but they are not cheap. I figured I would just get him situated with a cheap setup that would run him less than $30 provided he went with the Fiio E5.

Astro MixAmp.

I personally run RCA audio with HDMI on my console. I use an RCA female to 3.5mm male and plug it into my sound card’s line in port and listen through that to use my headphones, it’s a cheap and elegant solution. You can also just use a 3.5mm female and plug your headphones into that but then I’d recommend a cheap amp or something to control the volume levels. It’s quite nice having your sound cards post processing though.

Thanks alot for all the suggestions guys!

I found one of these audio adapters that I’m gonna try first if it does not work I guess I’m gonna go for the MixAmp :slight_smile: