No Holds Barred - Ep. 1: Next Level Bait

I wanted to share a tutorial/gameplay video I recently uploaded to my youtube. I’m not the best Akuma fighter but I usually run pretty good on PSN ranked. Looking to get your feedback on my live ranked commentary.


Thanks guys!

Episode 2 is live:


Hoping for some feedback on this one :frowning:

Let me know what you guys think!

Just for future reference please don’t make a thread for a couple of videos. If you post them in the video thread they will get viewed.

The video quality is ok and your commentary isn’t bad. Though I will say your game play needs work.

Although the gameplay itself has much room for improvement, I kinda like listening to your voice (no homo). I think the commentary is clear and overall it’s not a bad video. You do have a lot of room for improvement though. You seem to be jumping A LOT and Demon Flipping A LOT and honestly, do that against better opponents and they’ll AA your ass everytime, believe me, I learnt the hard way. Otherwise its not bad and I’m sure it’ll help with your learning :slight_smile:

honestly…what the heck is this? isn’t there a video feedback thread already?

Man, you jump and move around a LOT. Street Fighter is somewhat a slow paced game. You’re on the right track to learning Akuma, but you just need to adjust a few things about your mindset to the game and the character. Learn match ups and find better game plans to your game. You either spam or jump around a lot and the players you played in the video didn’t seem very good. Honestly, everything you were doing could be beaten very easily by a better player.