No Honor Crew is Alive and Hostile! -SF2 clan-

Two new members has joined our army, djfrijoles and Halfro, we kick ass with passion, we have no honor and we don’t care about it, tick throws, spamming, loops, counterpick, whatever is possible in the game we exploit it against our adversary, we are stronger than ever!.

If some of you haven’t joined NHC facebook page this is your chance, since srk deleted the group feature.

In our facebook page you’ll find out polls, discussions, ggs messages, matchmaking, tourneys, wall posts and of course videos!

Word! :slight_smile:


I’ve been pretty much playing on GGPO lately and I really don’t feel like going back to HDR. I tried the other night and the lag just turned me completely off of ever going back. I can play dudes in Japan up to 240 ping and it’s pretty much equivalent of HDR 120 ping. Pretty fucking pathetic.

I know it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but it seems like a lot of folks have left the PSN version of HDR in favor of Xbox or GGPO, I don’t see a lot of them playing anymore. NHC chat room is pretty much dead.

welcome to the dark side of the force moon… can we have a session someday?

Yeah we can, since we’ll actually be able to play on GGPO. BTW, Lord_Kakaloto is supposed to be joining up at GGPO as well. Hopefully, we’ll see him around too. The more who migrate the better.

It’s sad, but HDR is just dead overall- even EVO won’t have a tourney this year.

GGPO is where it’s at and maybe ST will make a full comeback someday in the tourney scene.

That’s strange, how do you explain the fact that I can get a match any time of the day or night?

It was hard for me to find an SB match when I last tried, you must be on @ the right time.

GGPO ST room is the shit, real challenge there, also, you can find out some well known former hdr players(PSN-XBL).

Half Ro

you can find some famous players and tough players:
john rambo
Ganelon aka Branta
dj frijoles
-the bastard-

Dude I played TheBastard’s Gief and he was so fucking hard, I don’t think I even won a single match. The lag was pretty good, too!

I just joined GGPO recently, and I was wondering when are the peak times for playing ST? Everytime I log in, I only see a handful of people in the lobby to challenge, and most of them either don’t respond or decline the challenge.

You can find people to play anytime of the day.

If you are in east coast, you can play the euro player during the day.

If you’re in west coast, you can play with the japanese.

There are lots of south american players with good ping to US too.

Peak hours are probably PST 5pm~12am weekday. Weekend are also good.
Friday night is usually so crowded that you can’t get a match connected from server.

Most people are usually chilling afk. You can simply ask for games in the chat from afk players.

If you get to know some people and become friend with them, you can easily get games.

Just like anything on the internet, ignore the trolls (click on the player’s name, then there is a ignore button next to the name at the top)

I swear, every time I’m on, he does not ever want to play me. I’ve seen him smash on a lot of people.

Nice to see Freeway and Serious-Sam on GGPO, and ggs to both of you my friends!

our presence is growing on ggpo!, nice.