No Hype


Hi guys,

I was considering buying the XBone (mainly due to KI, on PS4 there is no really interesting title for me atm), but unfortunately I have the feeling that there is not much KI hype going on… :frowning:

I mean they didn’t even have a forum ready when the game came out. Also stream- and YTwise there is not much stuff. That is usually a bad sign.
What are your feelings about this? I hope I am wrong. I might get it anyway :slight_smile:

Where do you see KI in terms of depth compared to other famous titles?

Also: I haven’t found any detailed guides/frame data yet. Anyone found something useful yet?


Yeah the game has multiple issues including being a console exclusive on a next gen system which is a very niche situation to be in for a fighting game. Especially since it works like Skullgirls or LoL where it will basically expand over time and never have a sequel so everyone can play each other online no matter what parts of the game they purchase.

They’ve had some streams already including a recent one yesterday with a couple B list celebrities and apparently now 2.4 million people on Twitter know that J.Wong won the Killer Instinct tournament in Florida.

This is basically the calm before the storm as everyone is adjusting to a new fighting game on a new platform. There will be struggles but I feel as people open up to it more and it gets exposure at majors it has a great chance to become a big hit in the FGC. Which the main thing it will do is help bring a lot of fresh people into the FGC since 1 million people worldwide bought an Xbox One in 24 hours and you can start playing it with no money or get the whole first season for 20 bucks.


games like ssf4 and mvc3 had alot of hype from their prequels. as far as i know the older KI titles never got much play tourny-wise. I think it’s getting plenty of exposure with the Xbone release, it’ll pick up in time i’m sure


The game is absolutely awesome as a fighting game; that, and a bit of patience, should be enough for media content to start growing on the internet, and thus the hype. Anyway, as I said, is a TON of fun to play, so if people don’t wanna play it’s just unfortunate. Some guys spend 700$ on a new mobile phone, some guys spend 700$ on a new radio controller airplane, and I just spend 740$ in Xbox One + Mad Catz Stick + Killer Instinct Ultra Edition for, at least, 5 years of fun.


I wasn’t a believer but I am actually having fun with the game. Also, yes, shame that it’s XB1 exclusive and the roster is small but I think there’s enough for everyone here. It’s fun and entertaining enough for me to continue playing and learning. I’ve only been playing on my friend’s copy though.


Cool, that’s good news. I mean, I’m very hype anyway and nothing’s gonna change my opinion to buy a XBone and KI. I was just a little surprised.i usually wanna soak up as much information, but I just didn’t find enough.

A small community is sometimes better than a large one. I was a long time SFxT player where everyone knew clever things about it, but the community was actually really cool.

But I am sure the Pro SF4 veterans find reasons why KI is less skillful than their old granny :slight_smile:


To be fair it’s sorta easy to mash out some combos right now cuz you can just auto link and somewhat coordinate decent ending combos. I’ve had maybe half a dozen or so people rip me a new one out of the hundred something games I played earlier. What it was basically just me doing two crappy combos on them, and them hitting me for about 60% with a reset. Just really optimized looking stuff. If you liked SFxT you’ll probably like this. I’m just not familiar with breaking combos yet and I’ve failed at that so many times and people got away with things on me where I felt like I should’ve done better haha.


The game is absolutely amazing. The more I play - the more I love it and appreciate how deep it actually is. It’s fantastic in that it’s really easy to pick up and learn the basics - you’ll be doing insane combos in no time… but there is a huge difference between a quality combo that is hard to break and a crappy one that is easily broken… but then there’s also the mind games! Do something that’s really obvious to an experienced player but mix in a counter breaker. Imagine the hype if somebody actually manages to break a combo in the middle of a shadow move during a tournament! (Ridiculously strict timing to break) This game is very hype.

The only reason you don’t see more videos of it is because the hardware requirements to record/stream proper gameplay are much higher than on the Xbox 360. I can record and stream fine from the 360 because my HDPVR uses component cables and so does the Xbox. My computer is able to handel 720p without a problem. 1080p gameplay from the Xbox One however is a different story and you need a beast of a PC plus a PVR that accepts HDMI cables etc. The setup is a lot more expensive so fewer people can do it.

That being said - you can still record nice 5 minute clips using the Xbox One itself. Here’s one I just uploaded showing off some broken? Sadira tech. :slight_smile: Jump cancelling normals without jumping.!202&sff=1


I thought this game had a ton of hype. But it was basically thrown into the middle of the childish console fanboy launch war, so it gets shit on by many PS4 fanboys, and also people that just hate on MS in general. It’s also something different than traditional fighters, so you have a bunch of people that have never played the game, but they know it’s not following their familiar mechanics so they bash it at every chance. And on top of all that, you have the nostalgia warriors that hate the game because it looks different than past KIs(which is literally about the only argument I’ve ever heard from them).

So yeah, the game is wrapped up in all the “controversies”, so most of the slander you hear should be taken with a grain of salt.


Glad you’re liking the game SuparnovaX. The combination of ground based footsie games and the auto double system reminds me a lot of SFxT. I guess KI was always a really kusoge version of XTekken or Alpha 1. Luckily they’ve found a way to make it its own thing and the combo breaker, counter breaker and instinct cancel system gives it its own flavor. Plus all of the character specific unique traits like a zoning character with an unblockable projectile and a character that basically plays like a Marvel 3 character in a SF style game.

After playing Marvel 3 for so long with so many spacing abstracts, it’s good to play a combo heavy game that relies on traditional SF style spacing elements again. Very refreshing while still retaining “hype” and things to keep the players and crowd interested regardless of skill level. It’s interesting to play this game because when I see someone do Jago’s overhead I block it very consistently now after having to try to block stuff on reaction in Marvel 3 for so long. If anything that game definitely upped my defensive game because of how many near impossible to react to things you must find a way to react to or at least move away from to stay competitive.

This game’s first major is happening at NEC in Philly next week and I hope people check it out and sign up. I know it’s the first major a little more than a week after its release so I’m not expecting the world as far as sign ups. Yet the fact that it’s an official tourney game out the gate should give it some leverage and players like J.Wong signing up for it should give incentive for others to sign up or try it out. I’m sure MadCatz will be there providing sticks for people to use since outside of modding you pretty much have to pay 200 dollars to play on a stick right now.


This whole attitude is wrong on so many levels… Do you really need others’ approval to decide what’s fun for you?

It’s not that hard man, find a chance to try the game out and if you like playing it then buy it.


lets not forget about those who simply can’t afford it atm I being one of them lol, there’s the cost of the console and the arcade stick for those who can’t or don’t want to adjust to pad, I won’t be able to play this until January unfortunately >_<


I was loving this game while I got to play it at my friend’s house. I really hope the fanbase picks up here.


This nice behaviour reminds of some communities I was referring to :slight_smile: Always reacting aggressively. I never mentioned that I need others to decide for me what’s fun. What a pathetic comment.
Calm down, I would’ve bought the game anyway, no need to try it. I was mainly disappointed/surprised not having much vids/discussions/threads/hype going on. And I couldn’t understand it. Capiche?


Also, I love how each character feels like they have something very specific going for them. I feel like that is a rarity these days.


KI looks very promising. The combo mind games give the game room to grow. Really have to pay attention character’s normals, your opponents combo tendencies. Seems like KI has all the fg knick knacks.


I didn’t mean to “attack” you but why open a thread about the lack of streams and youtube? You forgot that currently this game costs +500$? Of course not many people are going to get it at launch. But it has nothing to do with the first impressions people have on the game. These are 2 separate topics.


Game is fresh and so is the hardware that its played on. I for one am not playing the game much because I still haven’t received my stick… I have many friends who are doing the same. Wait until Christmas and people start getting their sticks/Spinal releases.

The game will be around for a long time to come. Its amazing. It really really is.


Sorry, but who spends that much on a mobile phone?

I don’t know too many people who buy phones out of contract, and those that do typically sell their old ones for a quasi-rebate, and find a way to get the new one for cheaper. So that’s not necessarily valid, unless you know people that do, then I’d have to say that they aren’t exactly shrewd.

However, your point about $X for many years of fun is valid. But I’m not ready to buy next gen yet.


When you buy your phone on contract, you’re paying more than $700 for it, assuming it’s a $700 phone new. Subsidizing the cost of a phone in a contract is just letting your service provider gouge you not only on the price of a phone, but also on service charges. You not only pay more in the long run, but generally get worse service too.

#american math