No image when connecting component cables to TV (Xbox 360)


Hey. guys,

I just got a Xbox 360 arcade(my older pro xbox rrod.
Anyway, i used my cables from my old xbox on my tv and there is audio and the controllers can navigate, but there is no image from my tv.
My tv is a SD Toshiba with composite, s-vid, and 1 component input.

I checked the connections and all are secure.

Any ideas?


Make sure the switch on the cable is on “TV” and not “HD.” Hope this helps.


I tried that.
I tried it on a HDTV lcd at my friends house and it says "no signalL, but there is sound and i cannavigate/use the controller fine.

Do you think the av cable may be messed up?

thanks for any help


My brother’s Xbox had the same problem, he tried HDMI cable and 2 different component cables same problem. I’m guessing it’s broken.


have you tried the bootup button shortcuts to reset video mode? (y or lb or something, i just held everything down). worked for me when i got a vga cable anyway.