No Imageshack, can someone do me a favor?

Can I get an avatar of…dis but have the frame where the ball’s in his hands? And can you make the ball gold?
Can this be the background?: (resized of course)

It’d be…really cool of you.


Quaboooooom baby.


so u dont want a animated avatar? U just want that one frame of him? I just want to make sure its what u want. Ill do this if u dont mind having it done by sunday? U want anything else? You name or anything?

BTW anybody know the avatar size limit and things i havent made a avatar in ages


size limit for non-prem= 160x64, under 19.5 kb.


yeah I’d like it…unanimated. As well, the ball gold and stuff.
And sure, shove my name in there…like graffiti style letters if ya can.