No it is you who is the one who is corrupt 3rd Strike OnlineEdition


Again… for the third time… “Data is corrupt… blablabla”

Fuck you, you stupid shoddy game.

I don’t care about the time I spent originally on the trials and what ever else. Luckily I didn’t try to unlock Gill. I just wanted my replay collection. It helps me see holes in my game and fix them.
There was a nice set with Clayman I wanted to post in the Akuma video section… arg!!!



yeah this happened to me once so far also completely out of nowhere. was pretty confusing.

the worst part by far was starting up the game and having to listen to the OE title song. i immediately went and bought the originals again and turned them on.


Happened to me 3 or 4 times. It’s usually cause but some asshole ragequitting at the end of the match causing the game to freeze while it’s trying to save. :confused:


Yeah I’ve gotten a lot of freezes in the last week or two.

The new music is just sooo bad… makes me sad.


happened to me 3 times already. i don’t even worry about the trials or points anymore. it really pisses me off when i lose my replays, and i really wished sf3 saved your replays like sf4.

also ggs earlier today, u beat the crap out of me.


im getting errors trying to upload matches to youtube


Only happens to me in ranked. It’s a pain in the ass. I had to reinstall it three times already.


Yeah man ggs. Don’t worry, someone else beat the crap out of me for like 45 minutes later that day.

How does sf4 save replays?


u go to replay channel and go to battle log and u will have a very large list of your matches which can be permanently saved and renamed in another folder.


That would make a lot more sense than discarding the unsaved games every time the system is turned off.

But none of it would mater because they’d all be wiped by now, three or four times over.



If your console has “Memory Unit” on-board memory, Xbox Cloud Saves, or Formatting a Flash Drive for use on the console, try to keep backups more often than not in every possible place.

I don’t know how only 3 MB of a save game keeps all 55 or so replays, but it does.


Which file do I need to download to get the old music? The little xbox live shop doesn’t read well. Or maybe I just don’t read well.

Also, I think it’s able to save all 55 or so replays because instead of saving footage of the matches, it saves the inputs and just runs 'em through. Kinda like a subtitle file.


To the people talking about buying the original 3S music after a wipe: do you mean buying it online or buying it from the vault with points?


Original Arcade Character Selection and Menu Music should be the first 2 in "The Vault"
Press X or some such to set it “Global” aka get rid of the new stuff after purchasing it with in game currency.

As an aside,
Character themes can’t be used as menu music or have to be bought? Makes no sense since like Q is part of New Generation/2nd Impact sets. Remember old HonzoGonzo stream he was playing the 3s and had Q theme during lobbies.

Makes sense, old XBOX AE SF3/Hyper SF2 saw replay files on my XBOX360 HDD in the 30~50 kb.