No Juri in top 32 evo

I was really hoping to see some high level Juri on the EVO stream. Weirdoneo qualified out of his pool, but didn’t make top 32. Hopefully we get some in the salty suites afterwards. No Juri :tdown:

more like no juri… did any even make it out of pools? Juri did god awful here. Did NEO go?? If he did wtf happened + im shocked. Unless he got put up against Twins that actually know what they are doing, it’s hopeless for her.

She got buffed in AE… what happened…

Juicebox just tweeted he made top 32 with Juri on the losers side

i saw him use abel a lot though still is nice to hear he used her here’s to hoping he uses her again and does work

Ono is at EVO, somebody get on his face and demand Juri be B-tier at least.

Hmm, Juicebox shows up on stream I’ll be happy. Hopefully there will be some uploads after the fact.

is this new or old jb said he beat shady k with juri

edit: juicebox laid down the law vs the fei! NICE!

Juicebox right outside of top 8 with Juri versus tokido. Great match!

We need a gif of Tokido looking at Juicebox Juri Dance!

Demon flip palm … that thing gives me nightmares.

Juri is kind of free to Akuma once they know they can just spam palm over and over.

Juri is just free to his vortex like most of the cast in ae. As you saw he kept trading the demon flip palm with cr.hp given that he did win a match with that, but that trade not in our favor at all. We actually get countered hit. Most Juri can do is do that or try to dash under, but a smart player would os a sweep to stop that so you’re pretty much back to square one in terms of vortex. I give superb kudos to juicebox abel, i was cheering him on until the end. As he proved with CJ truth, there are many people who don’t know the juri match up. So study up my fellow juris and you can catch people off guard with her!

cr.HP trades dive kick beats demon flip throw but always loses to palm if I’m not mistaken.

The Akuma (and Yun/Yang) matches are always like this, before getting knocked down you actually feel life is pretty good, but one knock down and that’s it.

I think if capcom do want to tweak the game they should make ex counter (including Gouken’s) and Ultra counter (Fei* & Cammy) not breakable.

  • Fei is OP in a lot of ways but U2 is never one of them.

omg this, that fei didnt know wtf was going on, also why he sat back and let jb gain meter like that when he had her I’ll ever know, and I knew he was going to go for a FADC ultra bait and he did it. You turtle U1 Juri, not U2 Juri lol…

Wtf? Then whats the point of having armour breaking moves at all? Might aswell scrap FA’s and bring back 3S parrying. Thats a terrible idea.

He got outplayed. He tried for rekka chip victory three times towards the end. First two times he hit her out of the air, and the third time he got blown up by nj.MK x x lk fuha release x FADC x U2. Also, his chicken wing wasn’t working, jb used to go under and punish it in the previous game, so he was wary to approach with it against the fuha storing.

So Juicebox is in 9th I understand? That’s great.

I was talking about **counter moves **not armored moves. What’s the point if these moves can’t do their job even with meters but still have to suffer from long recovery time and being uncanclable?

As for FA:

  1. Its armored time can be controlled (holding the button)
  2. Its recovery time can be controlled (dash cancel)
  3. It attacks people

I can’t see any connection between this and counter moves. You get the idea wrong.

I don’t generally mind counters losing to armor-breakers, but I don’t like how any reversal move can also armor-break them.

Thread title should be changed to “congrats Juicebox on getting 9th” or something like that. Something more optimistic. :lol:

Juri dance at evo, at least 3x. :party:

Theres NOTHING in this game with what your explaining, theres no way they can do what you ask because its not in the games engine its just that simple.