No longer enjoying Tekken

Hey everyone this may sound weird but about two months ago i began to lose interest Tekken and stop enjoying it , but iv’e been enjoying 2D fighters a lot more like KoF and UMVC3 and injustice , my question here is i really like tekken and i don’t want to stop playing it but i no longer enjoy it so what should i do ?

For fuck sake

Did i say something wrong ?

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I think this is what makes the Furious One, you know… furious.

OK thank you

I don’t play Tekken but I think that people tend to “burn out” when they do something they enjoy for too long to the point that it feels like a chore. Like I said before, I don’t play Tekken but I do play different fighting games and I think its perfectly fine to focus on one or two more extensively every once and a while. And who knows, maybe playing other games will rekindle your interest in Tekken.

…like cocaine or prostatutes

Man I’m not enjoying this game I paid money for anymore! I better make a topic about it so everyone can know and possibly give me advice on how to stop not enjoying shit!

I no longer enjoy tekken either

So I just let that asshole throw me

You don’t enjoy Tekken anymore because it’s no longer popular. Jump on that Marvel bandwagon.

Aside from FGD, this place may help too

Also, move to Korea and absorb their tech