No longer for sale. SORRY....PLEASE CLOSE

Asking for $130 plus shipping per stick. As you can see by the pictures one has custom artwork but I can switch it back to original to include ball top and the 2 sanwa black/gray buttons. I will be redoing my control panel on my “Kraylix”. PM me or contact me at 323 304 1027 if you have any questions. I’ve sold stuff on here before and received good feedback.


damn super good deal!

I thought it was too…that is, till I re-read his edited post. Its now $130 per stick instead of it being $130 for both :frowning:

Sorry guys. I don’t want to “give” them away. Lol

What are the TE’s dual-modded with?

Still a pretty good deal at $130 a piece. Would definitely be interested if i didnt just recently buy a stick. Though it does depend what is was dual modded with. GL with the sale.

I believe they are modded with Chimp board that I bought from Toodles and it auto detects either system. Is that any good?

yes, very.

Dont have enough cash for one, but i gotta try it…

Got lots of stuff to trade! ALL sold!

I can take pictures of the inside wiring if you guys/gals want some. Let me know.

Pics of insides please. Thank you.

Sorry guys/gals no boxes. I may have one but not 100% sure but I would look for it though. Also incase it matters, they come from a smoke and pet free home and you won’t find any dirt, grease, grime etc. etc. I suffer from OCD!!!


Sorry folks, got home late last night and was not able to get any shipping quotes. I will today though. Here are pics from the inside of one of them. Both of them have the same mod.

Interested in any collectibles?

Alright guys and gals I’m sorry to tell you that the control panel I am getting done requires the top panels of the TE’s. So if I sell these, I am screwed. Sorry folks for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please don’t kill me…

It is possible to sell the sticks without the top panels unless you were just trying to troll everyone. :wink: has acrylic panels and blklightning21 has metal panels.