No love for Fox? Steve Fox Thread

Well I didn’t see one anywhere on here and wondering if I’m the only one who will be using Steve Fox? Anyone on SRK going to main badass Steve Fox? :shy:

me but i think im gonna switch once console drops.

I probably will.

I main him in 5 atm, but I’m also starting to use King a lot.

I’ve been looking at him, he looks like a badass, I think I’ll use him quite a biut once console drops.

He’s top tier in BR, so don’t worry, you’ll find yourself around quite a few steves.

Idk about that one. He isn’t the easy cat to use! The Koreans made a diffultly list that’s floating around. Fox is in the hard bracket. He is well worthing learning, even just for match up purposes

Secondly T6BR is pretty balanced. At high level play the tier list means shit. One of the best korean players is a kuma player… Lowest on the tier list!!!

Haven’t played tekken since the 4th installment, guess I’m going to have to practice a lot using Fox. Can’t wait for the game to be out.

Fox won me over ever since Craig Marduk’s ending in T5.

Steve is not only considered hard to use amongst the Korean’s but he lost a lot of good tools from T5DR. Don’t get me wrong he is top tier, but he does not have easy answers. The best way to put it is that you have to put a lot of work into him to see the benefits. But honestly I play him because he is fun to use.

true that, plus i think alot of people might get irritated that alot of his properties are active on ch. he is a beast, but expect to lose… a hell of a lot of losing before you can start netting some wins.

This is like asking if you’re the only one that’s going to be using Ryu or Ken when SSFIV drops. No one posts in this thread cuz it’s regulated to a random strategy thread that you really have to look for. Most people awaiting T6 are posting on GameFAQs or on TekkenZaibatsu. Maybe when T6 gets a more prominent discussion thread you’ll see more threads.

I don’t browse those sites at all. I started the thread mostly to see a discussion about the character. Never said I would be the only one using him.

My friend got me into Tekken in T4 and I’ve always been a one character kind of guy. I’ve literally maybe spent an hour or 2 total on characters that AREN’T Steve and I’ve been playing Tekken competitively for years.

I never understood just how hard Steve was to use cause I never had a frame of reference, but when I started teaching people how to play Steve and tried out some other characters, I was really surprised.

Also, Steve’s reliance on CH is both good and bad. On CH, Steve is a beast, and his wall carries are really good so he can get huge damage on CH from a lot of places on the stage. At the same time, it’s really hard to break down a turtle with Steve. He doesn’t have a lot of great lows, so there’s not a lot of reasons for people to block low (whereas other characters have great lows that lead to juggles).

Besides his lack of good lows, Steve’s still a beast in T6. Huge CH damage, good oki, great wall game. Only thing about him is not everyone can play Steve cause it require a different mind set.

a lot of people use steve! i been maining him since t4. But i know lots of people at my arcade that use him.

Steve Fox :tup:

Look forward to good stuff from this thread.

what are some good and fairly beginner juggle combos? I can land a good amout of launchers but never really capitalize and i know that i’m wasting good opportunities. Also what are some better moves to hit people on the ground?

Oh and a second newbie question, what does CH mean?

CH = counter hit. Happens when you hit someone out of the startup of their move.

And I don’t really know basic juggles, but for maximum beastly damage you’re gonna want to learn his ducking cancel in WS+1,2. Check out TZ, they have a lot of good stuff on him in the forum there.

I’m glad I’m not the only one having a hard time with Steve. Cousins owning me with Hwoarang, Lili, and Eddy and I can’t even begin to hit them, let alone juggle. His stance game is something to get used to. How could I bait them into Steve’s mixup game if they just mash all day?

here is some pretty easy ones
-u/f2, 21~b, flk 1112 (51dmg)
-dck2,d/f121~b, flk12, u/f32 (60dmg)
-b121, 121d+1 (75dmg) super easy

-pab d2 tracks both ways on roll, and ss
-d1+2 when op is close and grounded
so on and so forth

steve is a more tactical cat, great keep out game, whiff punish, ch->launch(ie. 412). he relies heavy on CH’s. poke strings such as 112, 12, 121, are good for gen. pressure.

hwo- stick and move keeping him out with moves like b1, d/f2, qcf1
lili- she has a good poke rush down but not too much range. use moves above.
chredy- block low, better yet if you can time a d/f parry bound and get a free bound combo. low attacks such as pab d2, d/b2 yada yada

good moves on whiff ff2(long range), d/f1+2(short range)

this is just all basic shit… but you get the point

Getting a few combos now and then, but still lose a lot. At least I know what I’m doing half the time now heh. Problem is I haven’t used his stances a lot yet.

What are some setups for switching to PAB?

EDIT: also, I can’t find this move… ALB 2. It looks like 3+4, 2 (Quick Spin RP) From what I am seeing from videos. 3+4, 2 doesn’t come out after FLK1 for me…